List of Penang's Cafes

While checking out cafes in town is a new trend, here's a list and guide to some of the cafes that I've visited earlier ago.....

Ken's Favorites:

1) Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe *For their Egg Ben with English Muffin*

2) The Alley *For their made-to-order Churros and Cronuts*

3) Coffee Elements *Cozy ambiance, worth-trying Bagels and English Bloomers.*

4) Jawi House Cafe Gallery *For their Nasi Lemuni and home-made Cakes*

5) Budan's Brew Coffee Bar *Relocated to Pulau Tikus*

6) Just Caffe *Check out their Panini Sandwiches*

7) Coffee Smith *Mentaiko Cream Linguine and Beef Fillet Porcini Risotto are to die for*

8) Love a Loaf Bakery *Green Tea Mochi Buin is good*

9) The Safe Room *Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream*

10) The Haven Harbour *Moved to New World Park*

11) DCOVA- Revisit *Permanently Closed*

12) Brew Cafe *Good ambiance*

13) D' Fat Mona Lisa *Try their Roasted Espresso Chicken*

14) Macallum Connoiseurs *Great ambiance with ample of parking spaces.*

15) HK Triple Milk *For Eggettes*

16) Garden Paradis *Permanently Closed*

17) Black Kettle *Good Place for Brunch and Artisan Breads*

18) The Lawn Cafe *Permanently Closed*

19) Passionis *Permanently Closed*

20) Fourspoons Dessert Cafe *Japanese-influenced Soft Serve with Satisfying Waffles*

21) Creameal *Moved to Gurdwara*

22) Cafe Lagenda *Interesting range of Malay-dishes*

23) Huey & Wah *Good place for Brunch*

24) Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room *Permanently Closed*

25) Urban Daybreak *Permanently Closed*

26) Wa-Kao Cafe *Permanently Closed*

27) Corgi & The Gang Pets Cafe *Playground for Canine lovers and commendable Waffles*

28) Let's Meat *Serves hearty brunch meals*

29) Shia's Homemade Granola *Permanently Closed*

30) The Little Journeyman Cafe *Interesting Pasta dishes/ Instagram-worthy melted Raclette Cheese*

31) Lavish Bakery Cafe *Pastry-Desserts with a modern twist*

32) Roots Dessert Bar *Creative and Adventurous Desserts*

33) Teels Heritage Cafe *Spectacular ambiance and good food with unbeatable prices*

34) The Ais *Artisan Ice Cream with funky flavors, most suitable for the adventurous*

35) Kraffmen Cafe *Australian-influenced cafe with imaginative flair*

36) Jaloux *Extraordinary Pasta dishes*

37) Tasty Toasty *Permanently Closed*

38) Komichi Tea House *Great variety of Green Tea products*

39) Snow Story *Permanently Closed*

40) Les Grain Bakery & Eatery *Quality Japanese-bread and pastries*

41) The Mermaid Cafe *Permanently Closed*

42) Bingsu 9 Korean Dessert Cafe *Superior Bingsu*

43) SoyaTec *Unusual Tofu Fah*

44) Kafka *Good ambiance*

45) Copper Bar & Restaurant *Delicious brunch menu*

46) Me Melon Dessert Cafe *Above par Bingsu*

47) Viva Victoria *Eclectic menu but seriously good food*

48) Hudson's Deli *Try their Reuben Sandwich*

49) Island Problems *Good variety of creative Japanese-influenced Don)

50) La Vie En Rose Patisserie *Quality French Pastries*

51) Hi Barry Cafe *Interesting range of home-made Cakes*

52) Norm Micro Roastery *Chic ambiance*

53) Inherit Taste Patisserie *Delicious Mille Crepe Cakes*

54) Salad Farm *Plenty of Healthy Green options*

55) Sincerely Crafted Cuisine *Cafe serving quality Vegetarian food*

56) 65C Ondo Bakery Cafe *Great variety of special bakes*

57) Pace Cafe *Nice Brunch menu*

58) Nada Natural Farming *Good Pasta and close to nature*

59) Higher Ground *Cozy place for meet-ups*

60) The Sandwich Bar *Extraordinary Sandwiches*

61) Oh My Bingsu *Good Bingsu- Korean Shaved Ice*

62) Ice On You Dessert Cafe *Another good alternative to Bingsu*

63) Tosca Patisserie *Rare place in Penang to find good Canele* 

List of Cafes:

1) Noor & Dean's Cafe *Closed*

3) Ete Cafe *Moved to Lorong Carnavon*

4) Dicken Street Cafe *Permanently Closed*

6) The Twelve Cups Cafe *Permanently Closed*

9) Baa Baa Black Sheep Cafe

10) Coffee Affairs

11) Nellcis Passion Cafe *Relocated*

12) The Hillside Cafe

13) The Lightbulb

14) Pik Nik

15) Secawan Hutton

16) DCOVA Cafe *Permanently Closed*

17) Monkeycup Cafe *Permanently Closed*

18) Wheeler's Coffee

19) Hana Cafe *Permanently Closed*

20) The Big Fat Hen *Permanently Closed*

21) St. Presso *Permanently Closed*

22) Paul Loiis *Permanently Closed*

23) Soul Cafe

24) Narrow Marrow

25) Bricklin Bar Cafe 

26) Constant Gardener Coffee

27) Marlons +Co.

28) Junk Cafe *Permanently Closed*

29) Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

30) Coffee Venture

31) Easy Brew Cafe *Permanently Closed*

32) Artichoke Cafe

33) Pik Nik Everyday

34) Meet Up at Grano de Cafe

35) Coffee Addict *Moved to Hutton Lane*

36) Bark and Bean

37) The Shinise of Sekeping Pinang *Permanently Closed*

38) Rabbit Teeth Gourmet *Permanently Closed*

39) Arang Coffee

40) Le Maison Blanche Cafe *Permanently Closed*

41) 3 Leg Cat Cafe

42) Kim Haus 

43) Urban Artisan Co.

44) Hideout Cafe 

45) Pony Tale De Cafe  *Permanently Closed*

46) Arabica Estate Cafe  *Permanently Closed*

47) Gudang Cafe  *Permanently Closed*

48) JDog House & Cafe

49) Koffiehouz

50) Garage Nine G9 Cafe *Permanently Closed*

51) Barista Haus *Permanently Closed*

52) Two Seven Coffee

53) Cha Yen Cafe

54) 20 Chulia Lane Cafe *Permanently Closed*

55) The Daily Dose Cafe 

56) Born 16 Soft Serve Ice Cream

57) Chapel Street Cafe

58) Urban Spice Cafe *Permanently Closed*

59) Patois Kafe & Bistro *Permanently Closed*

60) Eat Scream  *Permanently Closed*

61) Coffee & Friends Cafe

62) Pentagon 5 Studio

63) Ri Cafe *Permanently Closed*

64) The Bean Sprout Cafe

65) Victoria Green Corner Cafe *Permanently Closed*

66) Sin Seh Kai Artisan Bakery

67) The Memory Lane- MUFE *Permanently Closed*

69) ENFD *Permanently Closed*

70) Gua Gua's Store *Permanently Closed*

71) Ice Cafe *Permanently Closed*

72) Sugar On Top (SOT) *Permanently Closed*

73) 3 Korean Fried Chicken

74) The Craftisan 

75) Gayo Coffee *Permanently Closed*

76) 15 Grams Coffee Bar

77) Spacebar Coffee

78) Seabrew Cafe *Permanently Closed*

79) O House Station Cafe *Permanently Closed*

80) Sous Vide Cafe *Permanently Closed*

81) Cafe Drop Top  *Permanently Closed*

82) Li Er Cafe

83) Juice Code

84) Le Cafe

85) Meraki Coffee

86) The Business Cafe

87) Smile There Cafe *Permanently Closed*

88) Art Nature Cafe *Permanently Closed*

89) White Paws Mansion *Permanently Closed*

90) Matcho Cafe

91) Firefly Jetty Cafe

92) Rollney Kurtos Kalacs *Permanently Closed*

93) Coffee Signature *Permanently Closed*

94) Garden Sweet Bowl Cafe *Permanently Closed*

95) The Nook- Books and Coffee *Permanently Closed*

96) The Morning After

97) Carrot Fish

98) Little Joe Cafe & Grill

99) Hakuna Matata *Permanently Closed*

100) The Line Sandwich Cafe *Permanently Closed*

101) Swens Pastry Cafe

102) Hive by Love A Loaf

103) Whisk

104) Fuku Eatery & Desserts

105) Pilipala By Woodmanz *Permanently Closed*

106) Pepper Salt *Permanently Closed*

107) M'atural *Permanently Closed*

108) Hello & Co.

109) Watercolor Bakery & Cafe *Permanently Closed*

110) Golden T Cafe *Permanently Closed*

111) Aboo Backer *Permanently Closed*

112) 86 Dew Cafe

113) Petit Cafe

114) Coffee 1911 *Permanently Closed*

115) Potters Place *Permanently Closed*

116) Home Cafe (Tanjung Bungah) *Permanently Closed*

117) Home Cafe (Bukit Jambul)

118) The Lengkuas Cafe

119) & Dolce

120) Javu 

121) Monkey Legend  *Permanently Closed*

122) A Place 26 *Permanently Closed*

123) Ang Ang's Roastery

124) Chloe's Cafe

125) Joies Cafe

126) Penne & Spaghetti *Permanently Closed*

127) Coffee Downstairs

128) Hashtag 90's Cafe

129) Have A Seat Cafe *Permanently Closed*

130) Barry's Cafe

131) Mia Cafe *Permanently Closed*

132) Dear Dino Cafe

133) Arteasan Cafe *Permanently Closed*

134) Jaged Cafe

135) Blooms

136) Memory Cafe

137) 赫 De'H Cafe & Bakery

138) Munchies Cafe

139) 14th Coffee

140) 34 Bishop Shop

141) Veggielicious Cafe

142) Coffee Addict

143) Rumah Kacha by The Kapits

144) Pallet Garden Cafe

145) Rasa Rasa 回味

146) Clay Cafe

147) Simplicity Cafe

148) Fei Brew Cafe

149) Tree Ring Cafe

150) Urban Green Cabin

151) 70's Nostalgia Cafe

152) Atas Cafe

153) Yoyo Wich

154) Tastes5

155) Chilies and Cheese

156) Hygge Dining Bar

157) 1LDK Lifestyle Cafe

158) SPINK

159) Din Ding Tea *Permanently Closed*

160) How R You Dessert

161) The Black Market

162) Mr. Flacko

163) Milk and Honey Cafe

164) Cafe World War II

165) W Life Cafe

166) Sugar Tang

167) Big Tree Eatery

168) HAP Dessert & Toast

169) Tok Ma Malay Kitchen

170) Pynk  *Permanently Closed*

171) Chopper Board & 6 Cinnamon 

172) Nomad Cafe

173) Labu Cafe

174) Fruit & Juice Bar

175) Carnavon Cafe

176) REVE Kitchen and Bar

177) The Busy Monet

178) Long Cha Guan

179) De Antique Cafe

180) Artelier Cafe

181) Kopi & Co.

182) Biscotti Cafe

183) Cafe De Ohana

188) EarlFee

205) Zen 161 *permanently closed*

235) Lazy Ants Cafe *Permanently closed*

255) Cherie

More to come.... the list will be updated soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Please help to verify "Yella Fork " still operate or closed down?

  2. I think Bao Culture already closed down.

  3. It would be smarter to filter out those ones which are closed.