Wednesday, April 26, 2023

[NEW LOCATION] Bagel's Dream 贝果の梦 @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside are some basic requirements to a good Bagel but Bagel's Dream, one of the bagel specialists in town is taking things seriously, taking their bagels a step further by introducing more and more innovative flavors and combinations. Bagel's Dream was previously housed in Kim Haus at Campbell Street but it has since moved out and they are now occupying the entire lot by themselves. The new location is right opposite to Kim Haus on the same street; offering a bigger, cozier, more comfortable space for diners. Food offering-wise, there are more on offer right now, thanks to the bigger kitchen with better capacity. It is noteworthy that all bagels in Bagel's Dream are sourdough base, other food items are also home-made including the Jams, Cream Cheeses and dips. No Oil, Sugar and Preservatives are used, making them suitable for children or those with health conditions. Pet owners would be glad to know that Bagel's Dream is now a pet-friendly space, on the upper floor of the bake house, guests can unleash their dogs. There is also a special dog gate to ensure the dogs do not roam outside the dedicated area. 

Many Thanks to Bagel's Dream for hosting us.

The B.L.T.E (Rm 18)

Taro Date (Rm 15.50)

Plain Bagel with Strawberry Premium Flavored Cream Cheese (Rm 16)

Shashuka Bagel (Rm 21)

Pure Peanut Butter with Handmade Strawberry Jam and Banana (Rm 13)

Hibiscus Kombucha (Rm 13)

Mocha (Rm 16)

The team behind Bagel's Dream is trying hard to introduce more and more flavors, including some creative and playful ones. But if you are someone who only believes in classics, go for the Plain Bagel, served with their Cream Cheese dips. It can never go wrong- creamy, savory with a touch of sweetness; the timeless combination that always works on a chewy, crispy Bagel. For a more balanced diet, the B.L.T.E is a good option. It has some smoky Beef Bacon, crispy Lettuce, fresh Tomatoes, torched Cheddar Cheese sandwiched... served with their home-made Spring Onion Cream Cheese. The flavor combo is as straight-forward as it sounds; small in size but big in flavors. Another unconventional way of serving Bagel... to have it served with spiced Shashuka, a slightly acidic, tomatoey, protein-packed option. 

For something different, the Taro Date is especially suitable for Yam lovers. It is served with a thick spread of Yam paste, a slab of Omelette with sprinkles of Chicken Meat Floss. The savory-sweet combo may raise eyebrow at first but its the flavor-combo that you will get used to after a few bites. Quite a filling one with the thick, generous helping of Yam paste. Love to have something sweet? Try the Pure Peanut Butter with Handmade Strawberry Jam and Banana. Beautiful and classic Peanut Butter-Chocolate combo but may be overly rich for some. 

Bagel's Dream welcomes take-aways, do place your orders earlier if you wish to order in bulk. For take-aways, the Bagels would only last 1 day at most at room temperature (due to no preservatives are being used) but they do last longer on Chiller (5 days) and Freezer (up to 3 weeks). Do watch out Bagel's Dream Facebook Page for the flavored Bagel of the week. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 9 am to 7 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 016-445 7965

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