Wednesday, June 26, 2019

70 茶室 Nostalgia Cafe @ Kinta Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

Another option for early risers, 70 茶室 Nostalgia Cafe is definitely one of the breakfast cafes that opens as early as 7:30 am in the morning. The name gives an impression that the place is a Hong Kong-influenced Cha Chaan Teng but in actual fact, it is a cafe that serves local, old-school breakfast dishes. The air-conditioned place is also decorated to the theme... displaying some sweets and toys from the 70's. On the menu, it consists of a mixture of noodles, toasts, rice dishes and Omelettes; all reasonably priced. The place gained its popularity due to social media since its opening in early May 2019, avoid peak hours like 9 am or 12 pm; but do be there early as the quantity is limited and food is often sold out. But if you ask me, nothing is particularly interesting here. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Quan Zhou (QZ) Restaurant 泉洲小厨 @ Sungai Pinang, Georgetown, Penang.

Quan Zhou (QZ) Restaurant 泉洲小厨 along Sungai Pinang (next to Perodua Service Center) is a popular lunch place for many white collars, the place is around for quite some time. The place is most crowded during lunch hours and famous for churning out Hokkien-styled dishes. They do not have a big menu but everything served is cooked with years of experience. The prices however, are budget friendly and this definitely contributes to the reason as to why this place is never short of returning customers. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

[Year 2019] Short Food Hunting @ Kuala Kurau, Perak.

A small fishing village known for fresh sea produce- Kuala Kurau at Kerian district is often a quick weekend getaway for many Penangites... most likely to savor some of the freshest and inexpensive seafood around. There are a few seafood restaurants around, as well as some local eats and shops selling dried seafood products. It's pretty small and easy to navigate- from Penang, exit Jawi toll from North-South Highway and head to Parit Buntar and from there, a short 15-minute drive to reach the fishing village. One can basically finish exploring the village in a few hours but always head there with an empty stomach as there are plenty of good food to pamper your tummy.

1) Long Bing Coffee House- Chai Kuih/ Curry Mee/ Prawn Fritters 隆冰水档
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: 504, Jalan Pantai, Taman Kurai Permai, 34350, Kuala Kurau, Perak.
Business Hours: 11 am to 5 pm. Opens Daily. *Curry Mee only opens on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays*

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Duesey Coffee @ Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Replacing Little Cottage 2 is Duesey Coffee, a new restaurant serving Western menu; according to its Facebook Page, this is Malaysia's first branch (they are well-established in Shanghai). The space at Waterfall Hotel is big and comfortably houses many tables and chairs. The menu is relatively big but nothing is interesting in particular... the usual Western fare that can be found elsewhere. Prices are pretty standard-average and the food quality is nothing out of the ordinary, the only selling point is the spacious, cozy interior.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Kemunting Lake View Restaurant (甘文丁湖上美食馆) @ Karangan, Kulim, Kedah.

Deep into Karangan, Kulim... approximately an hour drive from Penang island is a place surrounded by woods and lush greens but there's a rather hidden restaurant known to serve fresh and delicious River Fish. You will definitely need a navigation system to pull through this one. The restaurant is built on a pond full of fishes; not only do guests get to enjoy delicious food but also be surrounded in serene nature. Almost all regular patrons come back for the same dishes; their signature ones include 3-flavored Tilapia, Stir Fried Venison, various steamed fresh water fish. Though choices are pretty limited, the prices appear to be more affordable than some restaurants in Kulim. More like a place for novelty and the excitement of getaway from civilization in lieu of absolute taste.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Tree Ring Cafe @ Rangoon Road, Georgetown, Penang.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly vege-friendly green exterior and plant signage, Tree Ring Cafe is not a plant-based cafe but in fact, offers and includes Pork in their signature dishes. The new kid on the block has a small Pork-based menu... offering a little less than 5 choices of food, along with some fresh bakes of the day (subject to availability). The dining space is not really big but cozy enough for a casual meal, worth-visit if you are a fan of Pork dishes. Tree Ring Cafe can be found at Rangoon Road, right next to Shin Yakiniku.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fu Qi 大马煮炒 @ Bandar Tasek Mutiara, Simpang Ampat, Penang.

One of the best kept secrets by the folks nearby Simpang Ampat is Fu Qi Restaurant… a popular family dining place known to churn out fresh but inexpensive Seafood-Stir Fry (Chu Char) dishes. Many regular patrons would secure their tables by making reservation so either you do so or make your way there earlier; expect a long wait otherwise. The restaurant does not have a fixed menu but the server would recommend verbally; it’s always wise to ask for the freshest catch of the day. It’s a very simple, casual dining space without air-conditioners. A great choice if you are looking for good quality of Seafood without putting a dent on the wallet.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Uchino Ramen @ Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

One of the few Ramen joints outside of central Georgetown and Tanjung Bungah area, Uchino Ramen is one of the latest additions to the Penang Ramen scene. Found at one of the shop lots opposite to Queensbay Mall, the new kid on the block positioned themselves as a Ramen joint that serves Kyushu-styled Japanese Ramen which is known for its rich, creamy Tonkotsu broth. While it places great emphasis on the Ramen menu, there are other options for non-Ramen eaters as well. The Japanese Don series has something interesting to offer, as well as some classic Japanese snacks and sides. Mid-range prices but legit taste, at least pretty close to those in Japan.

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Many Thanks to Sudio for the Treat.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Shi Mian Mai Fu 食麵埋伏 @ Prangin Mall, Penang.

Fancy Ramen but on a tight budget? Make your way to Shi Mian Mai Fu 食麵埋伏 on the 3rd floor of Prangin Mall Penang. The newly opened Ramen joint has a series of Ramen dishes served in various soup bases... from Japanese-styled to Chinese-influenced noodle dishes. From the menu, we could also tell that there are some China Chinese elements as well. Do not expect high on getting authentic Japanese Ramen but Ramen-like noodle dishes; the key selling point here is its unbeatable prices... starting from Rm 6.50 for a bowl of Ramen and given the fact that it is found in a shopping mall, this is as cheap as it gets. The place you can visit for a casual working lunch. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Fei Brew Cafe @ Bayan Point, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

If you are happy and supportive of the plant-based trend in the restaurant scene, you would be glad to find out that there is a new vegetarian cafe at Bayan Baru area. Within walking distance from Xiang Yun Vegetarian Restaurant at Bukit Jambul; Fei Brew Cafe which situated on the first floor of a row of shop houses... offers a secrecy but cozy space for coffee lovers. The interior decor presents a minimalist sort of elegance, with some indoor plants brightening up the place. The variety for mains is rather limited but if you are game for desserts, they do offer a few decent choices. Pretty affordable prices and great, relaxing atmosphere; a visit-worthy cafe in the neighborhood. 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Charcoal House @ Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Tom Yum with a booze at the same time? While it certainly does not sound like a good match, this new kid on the block nails it perfectly. Housed in a heritage house along Victoria Street at central Georgetown, Charcoal House gives so much wrong impressions to random passerby. The name is not linked to the interior nor the menu- there is no grills on the menu; step in the place and you will find yourself in a well-spaced bar setting with wood finishing on the ceiling. The interior decor resembles the same tranquility and comfortness, with a sense of sophistication. It is noteworthy that the place adopts non-smoking policy so need not worry on the unpleasant cigarette smoke smell. While Charcoal House has a big drink menu, a Thai Chef is hired to add a little spice to the food menu. The food menu is not big but carries an array of carefully selected Thai dishes at pocket-friendly price tags.

Many Thanks to Charcoal House for hosting us that evening.

Friday, May 31, 2019

The Loft Pizzeria & Bar @ Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

Managed by the same team of people from Holy Guacamole, the new venture on the same street of Love Lane is a Pizza joint named The Loft. Step in the place and you will find the open concept Pizza kitchen with gigantic Pizza stove in the middle... surrounded by classy chic interior setting. The Pizzeria is serious about their Pizza... can be seen from the extensive menu but it does not only churn out freshly baked Pizza, the Pasta, Appetizers and Desserts seem equally promising. Prices however, are on the higher side. Food aside, the service could be friendlier, one of the servers (a lady) was not pleased when she found out that we turned down her request on opening an Acqua Panna mineral water and was less-attentive to us later on.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Simplicity Cafe @ Sandilands, Georgetown, Penang.

Like its name, Simplicity Cafe runs on a simple, home-styled Western-Fusion menu. What differs from the usual cafe fare is its signature Black Rice series... which the proprietor is happy and excited to share with you on the health benefits. It's easy to miss Simplicity Cafe... it can be found at Sandilands Shoplot, adjacent to the Cecil Street Market. There are a few shoplots right in front of the condominium but this cafe is the only food eatery there. The interior has a bold wooden element, from the furniture to decor, portraying an industrial chic design. The fact that the place dishes out generous food serving with affordable prices, it is worth a look.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Copper Bar & Restaurant @ Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Found at a touristy area of Armenian Street, Copper Bar and Restaurant has a traditionally Chinese facade but classy-glossy interior; one may think that its a new boutique hotel. In actual fact, the rustic spot offers an interesting food menu with a wide range of alcohol beverages. The dinner menu (with a local touch) seems to be wildly creative but we were there early- brunch menu was the only menu on offer. Prices are certainly on the higher side but the quality commensurate with the price tags; at least it gets the basics right... with the servers delivering warm hospitality, this is definitely one of the places for a worthy breakfast.