Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Vegeteh Vegetarian Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Known for their Vegetarian Pan Mee, Vegeteh Restaurant is not new in mainland- it has strong presence in Butterworth and now, expanding to Bukit Mertajam. The branch at Bukit Mertajam just got started last October and has been serving the vegetarian community in town. The menu is casual and friendly- with many options suitable for all age range. Not only noodles but the place serves Western choices, classic stir fry meat-free dishes at unbeatable prices. Apart from the excellent food quality, we also found ourselves enjoying the food at a comfortable, air-conditioned space. You should definitely check out this place whether you are practicing plant-based diet. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園 @ Noordin Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Well-hidden in one of the upper floor shop lots at Noordin Street, Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園 is one of the latest places for regular drinkers to quench their thirst while enjoying some Japanese Izakaya-style nibbles or dishes. The flight of stairs up to the restaurant is decorated with vintage Izakaya wallpapers and step in the place, you will be instantly transported to a place with retro Japanese Izakaya background. The menu features a list of barbecue items and some Udon dishes as well as some Oden choices near the counter as well. If drinks are of your concern, there's a dedicated fridge for Japanese alcohols as well. It is however, not exactly cheap to dine in here, expect to pay a little more than Rm 40 per pax if you wish to walk home with your tummy filled (without alcohols). 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Yè Yàn Private Dining & Bar 夜宴 @ Abu Siti Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

The concept of Private Dining has been all the rage in Penang in recent months- the novelty experience and excitement waiting for the Chef to dish out their expertly crafted dishes. Yè Yàn Private Dining & Bar 夜宴 is one of the latest spots where you can enjoy your Private Dining experience in town. The menu is constantly changing and there is no fixed theme, the Chef brings out the best he could on the day (depending on the supply sources). There are 2 different types of pricing- the RM108 is a 3-course meal for walk-in diners whilst the RM128 is a 5-course menu with possible add-ons; the premium add-ons has a wide range and could cost up to RM688 (expect to see Iberico Steak, Wagyu Beef, Atlantic Cod etc), a minimum 3 days booking in advance is required. On top of the Private Dining menu, Yè Yàn offers a big Cocktail menu too.

Many Thanks to Yè Yàn for hosting us that evening. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Blue Bellvine Nyonya Cuisine @ Noordin Street, Georgetown, Penang.

One of the latest places to get a Nyonya meal is Blue Bellvine Nyonya Cuisine, a new Nyonya restaurant right smack in town at Noordin Street, central Georgetown. The restaurant is fairly new and boasts full-fledged Nyonya menu, from Appetizers to Main Meat dishes as well as Desserts... though the options for each category are rather limited. The restaurant has a very nice and elegant setting; you could tell from how the things are organized here- from color combinations and the choice of eating utensils. Definitely a place where you would want to spend time enjoying the dishes here (do spare some extra time as the serving time might take a little longer than usual). Prices are on the higher side though... given the small serving portion. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Crème De La Crème @ Hutton Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

Looking for a sweet treat to beat the melting tropical heat? Look no further than Crème De La Crème, an Ice Cream parlor that has recently opened up a new branch in Penang. The brand was originally from central Malaysia and has since expanded its business operations up north. The place received an overwhelming responses over the the first few opening weeks. Popular for artisanal Ice Cream and creative-imaginary flavors, Crème De La Crème is definitely a place for Ice Cream lovers to check out. The Penang branch can be found at Hutton Lane, next to Secawan Hutton

Friday, April 30, 2021

Little June 小六月 @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang.

Little June 小六月 has been around for quite some time and the location is pretty hidden. For those who are not so familiar with Raja Uda area, this Japanese restaurant can be found on the upper floor of one of the retail commercial outlets near to the junction of Permatang Pauh and Raja Uda. It's easy to miss this place due to the plain-looking signage. The restaurant serves a Japanese menu, featuring many Japanese delights. Once you stepped in the place, you will be welcomed by an array of Sushi on display but of course, the menu has more than just Sushi to offer. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

103 Cafe @ Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang.

For an easy and slightly unusual way to consume your greens, make your way to 103 Cafe at Victoria Street- the new spot serves a plant-based menu. There is a mix of Starters, Mains and Sides but lacking of desserts. The selection is pretty limited but Coffee lovers would be pleased to know that 103 Cafe offers its own Coffee brand- Black 48 Coffee so the beverage list (particularly Coffee) is pretty extensive. A place with great ambiance, affordable prices and delicious food to enjoy your meat-free meals. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar @ Church Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar has got to be one of the most low-key Penang cafes; the signage is small and the entrance to the cafe is always closed. Visitors need to ring the door bell and the servers will open it up for you provided that... there are available seats. The cafe at Church Street is fairly small- with only a seating capacity of 8 pax at any one time. Also, each visitor is limited an hour inside the cafe to make space for the next customer. No main menu but a handful of home-baked pastries and sweet treats (like Madeleines) as well as a beverage list (both caffeine and non-caffeine options available).  

Friday, April 23, 2021

Lim Coffee Bar 双木林 @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

A short walk from the Tua Pek Kong Temple of Bukit Mertajam is Lim Coffee Bar 双木林, a newly opened cafe in the heart of Bukit Mertajam old town- that has an old building charm in a modern cafe setting. The interior decor is simple and minimalist with plenty of vintage tables and chairs... creating the quaint factor within. There is an array of dessert choices (mostly home-made Cakes) and a beverage list but no mains are offered at the moment. Still a nice place to chill and hang out over a cup of drinks though.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Three Wines @ Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Both a wine house and a restaurant, The Three Wines is one of the latest additions to Bay Avenue Bayan Lepas. The place has a big selection of imported wine labels and is open for retail. On top of that, the place could accommodate a small group of diners. The menu is not big but more than good enough for those looking for some dishes that could go well with their wines. The price points are slightly above average but quality seems to be pretty consistent. A worth checking out place especially if you like a good sip of wines with decent dishes. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Pace Coffee @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Opened in late March 2021, Pace Coffee at Beach Street is one of the latest spots for brunch in the heart of Georgetown. The modern cafe has an easy-going environment- with simple interior; though the tables and chairs are not that accommodating for bigger groups. The menu has a list of familiar brunch favorites like Big Breakfast, Egg Ben, BLT Sandwich etc... with prices are slightly on the expensive side. The menu is solid but the service is a lackluster (we had to wait for slightly more than an hour for our orders to serve), probably due to first day jitters. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Morning Peeps 早起の鸟儿 @ CY Choy, Georgetown, Penang.

Morning Peeps 早起の鸟儿 is not your usual breakfast place that offers local Chinese breakfast items but instead, it has a Taiwanese-influenced breakfast (or brunch) menu. Familiar items like Soy Milk with Chinese Crullers, Taiwanese Pancake, Scallion Pancake, Gua Bao (Taiwanese Steamed Bun) are also on the list; they are however, priced at very affordable rates. The setting is simple and straight-forward... with basic tables and chairs; the place is not air-conditioned so embrace the sultry tropical heat when dining out at this place. Morning Peeps be found at CY Choy, adjacent to the junction to Tye Sin Street.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Nyonya Palazzo @ Church Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Found right next to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion at Church Street, Nyonya Palazzo is the one of the latest spots to get your afternoon tea fixed. The restaurant can be found at the building next to the Peranakan Mansion... on the upper floor. Take the steep flight of stairs up and you will find yourself in an old-school... wooden flooring space, with plenty of Nyonya knick-knacks and art-displays. The colorful Nyonya Kuih on display will attract you next. The seating arrangement is a little odd here... with tables and chairs a little too close to each other, if they can sort this out, it would be more comfortable to enjoy the afternoon here. On the menu, it has an array of Nyonya delights- from Kuih to light snacks and desserts. Unique ambiance second to none but the hefty price tags on the menu might set you back a bit (imagine a piece of Kuih priced at Rm 9.90), this place is more for a novelty experience than absolute taste. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Lai H'ng Cafe 梨园 @ Carnavon Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Those with Teo Chew roots would resonate better with the dishes served at Lai H'ng Cafe 梨园, a new cafe that offers a menu with Teo Chew delicacies. One  of the main aims of this cafe is to promote the Teo Chew Puppetry and Opera' not only that the place has relevant decor but the proprietor could also arrange a private Teo Chew Puppetry and Opera screening session on weekends. The menu is fairly small at the moment- with only one type of main (the Teo Chew Oyster Porridge) and various small dishes like Dumplings, Fried Fritters etc. Suitable for those who seek a different cafe experience. Lai H'ng Cafe shares the same place as the Teo Chew Puppetry and Opera House on Armenian Street but the entrance to the cafe can be found at Lebuh Carnavon. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lambaian Desa Buffet Ramadhan at Horizon Café @ Hotel Sentral Seaview, Penang.

Break fast and enjoy Iftar meals with your loved ones in this fasting month at Hotel Sentral Seaview as the culinary team of the hotel rolls out a series of delectable Ramadhan specials in buffet style. For the Year 2021, Hotel Sentral Seaview's "Iftar Ramadhan Lambaian Desa" starts from 14 April 2021 to 11 May 2021 with prices start from RM48 nett per adult. Expect to see more than 80 choices available with Ramadhan highlights like Kambing Golek, Roti John, Roti Jala, Char Koay Teow and various delectable Curries and Rendang dishes. Apart from the impressive buffet lineup, there will be on-site live band entertainment daily from 7 pm to 9 pm. Diners who are joining the Ramadhan Buffet will be entitled for a lucky draw (with 20 prizes) to be held on 12 May 2021 in which winners will be announced on the hotel's Facebook Page. While the feasting does not limit on the numbers of dine-in, it is also important to adhere to the strict SOPs set by the regulators. 

Many Thanks to Hotel Sentral Seaview Penang for hosting us that evening.