Disclosure of Invited Reviews/ Sponsored Posts

It has come to my attention that some of my readers thought that all of my reviews are written with bias (invited reviews). I wish to make a clear statement that all invited reviews are written based on my real comments. If you have read my blog post thoroughly, you would have noticed that:

1) A disclosure statement on the first paragraph that the post was written based on an invited-experience.
2) Negative comments will still be given (solely on my own discretion). 
3) No ratings will be given at the end of the blog post (for invited reviews) to be fair. Ratings will only appear on self-paid experience(s). 

I do understand that omitting negative remarks can be misleading. The disclosure, on the other hand is especially important to remain transparent. However, it is entirely up to my readers to see things from their angle(s).

Happy Reading and Thanks for the constant support! 

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