Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Tosca Pâtisserie @ Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown, Penang.

Canelé, a type of French pastry that has characteristics like caramelized crust with soft-custardy center; it boasts a delightful contrast of textures and subtle blend of flavors. Not many cafes/patisseries/restaurants in Penang are able to offer Canelé due to its tedious craftmanship but Tosca Pâtisserie nails it. Named after Tosca- a popular Scandinavian cake, the Canelé specialist in town churns out fresh, delicious Canelé as well as its signature Tosca cake. Do check the place out if you are keen to savor these unique indulgence.

For this Chinese New Year, Tosca Pâtisserie rolls out a special gift set in the spirit festive joy. The CNY + Golden Classic Set features 4 specially curated Canelé (Golden Salted Egg, Jujube, Citrus Opulence and Earl Grey) and 4 pieces of the classic Canelé brushed with edible gold dust. Guests can also choose to purchase the special CNY Canelé for RM60. Pre-order starts today and ready for collection as early as 1 February 2024. 

Many Thanks to Tosca Pâtisserie for letting us to sample the Canelé

Limited Release- Chinese New Year flavors (Rm 60)

Golden Classic Canelé Set (must be ordered with the CNY Set- Rm 88)

Lychee Rose Symphony (Rm 18)

Charcoal Earl Grey (Rm 18)

Matcha White Chocolate Canelé (Rm 13)

The tricky part when baking a Canelé is to have a caramelized crust with soft-custardy inside and it is not easy. With countless of experiments, Tosca Pâtisserie has finally found the perfect recipe to achieve the ideal texture. To preserve the freshness and ideal texture, guests are advised to store the Canelé on freezer; it does not survive under room temperature. 

The newly introduced CNY Canelé features 4 distinctive flavors, all carefully crafted by co-founder David (Le Cordon Bleu alumnus). Flavors are bold but not over so they do not overshadow the Canelé while maintaining the distinctive caramelized texture. My personal favorite goes to the Citrus Opulence- tangy, zesty which offers a refreshing dimension. 

Cake lovers would be glad to know that Tosca Pâtisserie has also rolled out its Canelé-inspired Mousse Cakes which come in 3 different flavors- Caramel Infused Tiramisu, Charcoal Earl Grey and Lychee Rose Symphony. Each comes with different flavor-combo and textures. My favorite- the Lychee Rose Symphony which has a strong Rose aroma backed by Lychee Ganache, salted Biscuit base and Dacquoise. The external layer has a good mix of Mascarpone Cheese, which offered the quintessential savory-creaminess to it. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 1 pm to 8 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 011-2406 1819

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