Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Ayataya By Piccadilly @ Central Gurney Penang.

Joining Central Gurney Penang is Ayataya By Piccadilly, opened in January 2024; Ayataya boasts a casual, lively and tropical ambiance. The large glass windows allow natural light to flow into the space, creating a warm-homey vibe. The selection of furniture is brilliant- with a good harmonization of rattan chairs and couches in shades of light brown; creating a relaxed, easy-going mood. The menu features a good selection of cafe offerings, exquisite main courses and an array of alluring desserts as well as specialty drinks. The price points are slightly on the higher side but Ayataya is definitely a good option for any casual dining, meet ups or occasions.

Many Thanks to Ayataya By Piccadilly for hosting us.

Chicken Roulade with Red Wine Sauce (Rm 48.90)

Breaded Cod Fish Con Curry Squid Ink Pasta (Rm 58.90)

Pizza Pollo Al Barbecue (Rm 36.90)

Caffeine Nirvana (Rm 19)

Latte (Rm 12)

The Chicken Roulade with Red Wine Sauce was beautifully presented to us- with Bacon-wrapped Chicken Roulade, roasted Brussel Sprouts, Tomato, young Corn, Carrots and mashed Potato... served with a bold, thick Red Wine Sauce with a strong kick. The seasoning was perfect and the Chicken Roulade was good with a nice smokey touch from the Bacon. But we are not sure if we are willing to pay RM48.90 for this. The Breaded Cod Fish Con Curry Squid Ink Pasta offers a better value. It has got a thick slab of deep fried breaded Cod Fish sitting on Squid Ink Pasta with Curry Cream Sauce. It was a little unusual for the color-combo but the flavor-combo worked. The Spaghetti was nicely cooked and the Curry Cream Sauce was addictive. The Cod was fresh with pristine white meat- flaky inside but crispy outside, a good match to the creamy sauce. We've also had the Pizza Pollo Al Barbecue which we thought it was alright. The crust was freshly made and the choice of ingredients was a little too safe to our liking (nothing is wrong about the dish but it will be a very safe dish that does not leave a deep impression). The dish can be a little monotonous for one to finish entirely. Personally, I would prefer it to be cheesier with a nice herbaceous touch (like Basil or Cilantro).

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Business Hours: 8 am to 12 am. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 014-624 7022
Ayataya By Piccadilly Facebook Page

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