Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Lazy Ants Cafe @ Chulia Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

**Lazy Ants Cafe is closed until further notice as per their Facebook Page announcement**

Lazy Ants Cafe took over the spot previously manned by Pitstop Cafe at Chulia Lane... with minimal changes on the interior decor but the new menu offered by Lazy Ants Cafe is worth a look. The menu consists of Western brunch options, a series of creative Pasta dishes as well as some healthy choices for the health concern. Price points are mid-high for cafe standard but they commensurate with portion and quality. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Pasta or would love to have a hearty brunch.  

Topaz (Rm 32)

LA Big Breakfast (Rm 28)

Baby Spinach Pesto Fettuccine (Rm 22.90)

Topaz is a healthier option at Lazy Ants'... with more Protein and Quinoa as well as greens. The Pork meat patty was nicely done with a firm texture and delicately seasoned; the rest of the items were good either. But one thing we did not like- the addition of deep fried item (some Chickpeas-like Croquette)... not that it tasted bad but we would prefer to stick to the healthy-theme. The LA Big Breakfast was not shabby either with a big portion. We especially enjoyed the Chia Pudding served with fresh Mangoes; the addition of Coconut Milk added a sleek creaminess to the Chia Pudding. We found the Scrambled Egg to be too a tad too buttery to our liking, though it was a good to go with the Toast. We also had a sharing of the Baby Spinach Pesto Fettuccine which we thought the texture and the seasoning was expertly controlled. A pity that the Basil element in the Pesto sauce was not bold enough due to the addition of Baby Spinach... which somewhat diluted the flavor. Otherwise, it was a good Pasta dish.

Taste: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service: 7.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Price: 6.5/10 (1-3 expensive, 4-7 average, 8-10 cheap)
Parking: 6/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Ambiance: 7.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: No

Additional Information:
Address: 12, Lorong Chulia, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 9 am to 6 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: N/A
Lazy Ants Cafe Facebook Page

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