List of Penang's Cafes

While checking out cafes in town is a new trend, here's a list and guide to some of the cafes that I've visited earlier ago.....

Ken's Favorites:

1) Moustache Houze *Closed*

2) Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe *For their Egg Ben with English Muffin*

3) The Alley *For their made-to-order Churros and Cronuts*

4) Coffee Elements *Cozy ambiance, worth-trying Bagels and English Bloomers.*

5) Pavilion Cafe *Closed*

6) Yellow House Sharing Cafe *Closed*

7) Jawi House Cafe Gallery *For their Nasi Lemuni and home-made Cakes*

8) Budan's Brew Coffee Bar *Extremely comfortable environment with good Pastries*

9) Just Caffe *Check out their Panini Sandwiches*

10) The Bake & Brew *Closed*

11) Tofu Cafe *Closed*

12) Coffee Smith *Mentaiko Cream Linguine and Beef Fillet Porcini Risotto are to die for*

13) Love a Loaf Bakery *Green Tea Mochi Buin is good*

14) Lang Hoose *Closed*

15) The Safe Room *Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream*

16) 67 Coffee Mansion *Closed*

17) The Haven Harbour *Moved to New World Park*

18) DCOVA- Revisit *Very nicely done for their Pasta dishes, visited twice and consistency is there.*

19) Brew Cafe *Good ambiance*

20) Dou Houz *Closed*

21) Clockwise Cafe *Closed*

22) Wallpaper Eat. Drink. Indulgence *Closed*

23) Cafe Muscolo *Closed*

24) Coffea Coffee *Good ambiance, friendly staff and lip-smacking light meals.*

25) D' Fat Mona Lisa *Try their Roasted Espresso Chicken*

26) Macallum Connoiseurs *Great ambiance with ample of parking spaces.*

27) Jump Cafe *Closed*

28) HK Triple Milk *For Eggettes*

29) Jeeves *Closed*

30) Garden Paradis *Try their Yaki Soba*

31) Black Kettle *Good Place for Brunch and Artisan Breads*

32) Tavern In The Park *Closed*

33) The Lawn Cafe *Impeccable Ambiance*

34) Passionis *Top-Notch hand-crafted Desserts*

35) Fourspoons Dessert Cafe *Japanese-influenced Soft Serve with Satisfying Waffles*

36) Creameal *Crispy Waffles paired with artisan Ice Cream*

37) Cafe Lagenda *Interesting range of Malay-dishes*

38) Huey & Wah *Good place for Brunch*

39) De Sweet Love Cafe *Closed*

40) Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room *Perfect for Tea lovers*

41) Urban Daybreak *Good variety of Western Brunch*

42) Wa-Kao Cafe *playful combination of local Tong Shui with artisan Ice Cream*

43) Circle N Square Dining *Closed*

44) Corgi & The Gang Pets Cafe *Playground for Canine lovers and commendable Waffles*

45) Let's Meat *Serves hearty brunch meals*

46) Shia's Homemade Granola *for the health freaks*

47) The Little Journeyman Cafe *Interesting Pasta dishes/ Instagram-worthy melted Raclette Cheese*

48) Sweet Monster Cafe *Not-to-be-missed Sweet and Savory Pies*

49) Lavish Bakery Cafe *Pastry-Desserts with a modern twist*

50) Roots Dessert Bar *Creative and Adventurous Desserts*

51) Teels Heritage Cafe *Spectacular ambiance and good food with unbeatable prices*

52) The Ais *Artisan Ice Cream with funky flavors, most suitable for the adventurous*

53) Kraffmen Cafe *Australian-influenced cafe with imaginative flair*

List of Cafes:

3) Coffee Journey *Closed*

4) Favorite Cafe *Closed*

5) Roti Bean Cafe *Closed*

7) Kwong Sang House *Closed*

8) Ete Cafe *Moved to Lorong Carnavon*

10) Yard Cafe *Closed*

14) Dolce Dessert Cafe

15) Sugar Honey

16) Moody Cow Dessert Cafe

17) Playground Cafe *Closed*

18) Toys Cafe *Moved to a new location*

19) Kantan (簡単) Cafe/ Kafe *Closed*

20) By The Sea (沿海地带生活馆) Cafe *Closed*

21) Chez Nous Cafe *Closed*

22) Vivo Cafe

23) Baa Baa Black Sheep Cafe

24) The Films Cafe *Closed*

25) Korean Cafe Gil *Closed*

26) Coffee Affairs

27) CaLèFè Hauz Gastro Cafe *Closed*

28) Nellcis Passion Cafe

29) The Hillside Cafe

30) Chin Chai Chiak *Closed*

31) The Lightbulb

32) Pik Nik

33) Secawan Hutton

34) DCOVA Cafe

35) Joyeux Cafe *Closed*

36) Basil, Le Bistrot *Closed*

37) Monkeycup Cafe

38) Griffiths Cafe *Closed*

39) The ManGoes Cafe *Closed*

40) Wheeler's Coffee

41) Caffeine Chemistry Coffee *Moved to Nagore Road*

42) Hana Cafe

43) Auwawa Cafe

44) Bittersweet Cafe *Closed*

45) Paper Pepper Cafe *Closed*

46) The Big Fat Hen

47) St. Presso

48) Cafe Bouchée *Closed*

49) Paul Loiis 

50) Soul Cafe

51) The Big Beans Cafe  *Closed*

52) The Library Coffee Bar

53) The Classroom Cafe  *Closed*

54) Yun Shui Ge Tea House *Closed*

55) Old Chow Thye  *Closed*

56) Street Art Cafe

57) Narrow Marrow

58) Mess Hall *Closed*

59) Bricklin Bar Cafe 

60) Hit N Run Bistro *Closed*

61) Downtown Heritage Art Cafe *Closed*

62) DRIP Cafe *Closed*

63) Yella Fork

64) Colonial Museum Cafe *Closed*

65) C'est La Vie *Closed*

66) Market Lane Cafe *Closed*

67) Constant Gardener Coffee

68) Kanemochi *Closed*

69) Fike, The Swedish Cafe *Closed*

70) Marlons +Co.

71) Ardor Bar and Coffee *Closed*

72) Junk Cafe

73) Little Nap Coffee Bar

74) Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

75) Coffee Venture

76) Easy Brew Cafe

77) Tin83 Cafe *Closed*

78) Artichoke Cafe

79) Halfwake Cafe *Closed*

80) Pik Nik Everyday

81) Meet Up at Grano de Cafe

82) Clash On Cafe

83) Lok Lok Cafe *Closed*

84) Coffee Addict *Moved to Hutton Lane*

85) Cafe G Seventies Backyard

86) Farm House Cafe *Closed*

87) Garage Coffee House

88) Rejoyce Cafe *Closed*

89) Bark and Bean

90) Dari Cafe *Renamed to Cottiny Cafe*

91) The Shinise of Sekeping Pinang

92) Rabbit Teeth Gourmet

93) Arang Coffee

94) Eataliano *Closed*

95) Cool N2 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

96) Le Maison Blanche Cafe

97) 3 Leg Cat Cafe

98) Das Rad Cafe *Closed*

99) Kim Haus 

100) Ice Estate Ice Cream Cafe 

101) Urban Artisan Co.

102) 3 Monkeys Juice Bar *Closed*

103) Hideout Cafe 

104) Pony Tale De Cafe 

105) Arabica Estate Cafe 

106) Gudang Cafe 

107) JDog House & Cafe

108) Snapdot Cafe

109) Koffiehouz

110) J'aime Le Cafe *Closed*

111) Garage Nine G9 Cafe

112) Barista Haus

113) Moonshop Lunabar *Closed*

114) Two Seven Coffee

115) Classic Teddy Cafe 

116) Cha Yen Cafe

117) Cafe de Maple

118) Metal Q Caffe

119) 20 Chulia Lane Cafe

120) Chop Chin Hin Hardware Cafe *Closed*

121) Bao Culture

122) The Daily Dose Cafe 

123) Casa Calda Cafe 

124) Awakenings Coffee N Tea House

125) Aromas Cafe

126) Born 16 Soft Serve Ice Cream

127) Chapel Street Cafe

128) Urban Spice Cafe

129) Patois Kafe & Bistro

130) Eat Scream 

131) Puppy Pal Dog Cafe

132) Coffee & Friends Cafe

133) Pentagon 5 Studio

134) Black Door Coffee & Tea

135) Ri Cafe

136) The Bean Sprout Cafe

137) Victoria Green Corner Cafe

138) Sin Seh Kai Artisan Bakery

139) The Memory Lane- MUFE

140) ENFD 

141) Gua Gua's Store

142) Ice Cafe

143) Sugar On Top (SOT)

More to come.... the list will be updated soon. Stay tuned. 

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  1. Please help to verify "Yella Fork " still operate or closed down?