Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wheeler's Coffee @ Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

Bicycle-themed cafe- Wheeler's Coffee is yet another new cafe to burst on the Penang cafe scene. Interestingly, the cafe uses countless of bicycles as decorations. On the menu, it does serve some interesting dishes, however, some of them are not available throughout the day. Prices, on the other hand, are unbelievably affordable (lunch/ dinner ranging from Rm 7 to Rm 14). While we like the interior decoration of the place but the orders we had were somewhat disappointing. We wondered if the meal did not go well because we did not order the right dishes (their pasta dishes seem more convincing) but considering the cafe is still very new, it is still worth a second look. Wheeler's Coffee is located at Love Lane, opposite to Love and Latte Cafe.

Gartien Pineapple Cakes- Mid Autumn Edition

As the mid-autumn festival hovers over the horizon, kiosks selling a myriad of traditional and playful sweet festive treats will be sprouting in shopping malls. For a twist of change, why not try out Gartien's Pineapple Cakes? Using locally grown Pineapples and devised recipe, the hearty, sweet and toothsome Pineapple Cakes are ideal to be sent as gifts for your loved ones in this auspicious season. Gartien uses a playful and adventurous design (for its packaging) for this year's Mid Autumn Festival; a rather old-fashioned storage box in Lime Green color with a catchy purple packaging. If you wish to know more about Gartien's Pineapple Cakes, my previous blog entry can be found here.

Many Thanks to Gartien for extending the invitation. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Farquhar Mansion @ Mission Place, Lebuh Farquhar, Georgetown, Penang.

An enthusiastic, passionate and energetic management team took over the newly refurbished Mission Place along Lebuh Farquhar. The place was vacant for quite some time and has since, given a new facelift. The French fine-dining restaurant named Farquhar Mansion, is housed within one of the two buildings of Mission Place. Not only seeks to provide unabashed quality fine-dining experience but it seeks to provide diners a comfortable and casual place to enjoy a meticulously designed gastronomical adventure. The second floor of the restaurant, however, pursued a different path. The Royal interior design suggests the sense of luxurious and upscale experience(only diners with Nobleman and Royale member cards are invited to dine-in on the second floor). 

Prices are of fine-dining range but it is worth to splurge a little more for the premium quality of food as the prices commensurate with the quality of the ingredients. We were very pleased with the dining experience and the sedulously choreographed courses; the 5-course Chef's Tasting menu ranges from Rm 168++ to Rm 198++. Not cheap so it would not a regular-casual outing place but this is definitely one of the places top on my list when it comes to occasion.  

Many Thanks to Farquhar Mansion for extending the invitation. 

Chilled Cauliflower Mousse with Dehydrated Shimeiji Mushrooms

Deep Fried Cod Fish Ball with Aioli Sauce and Salmon Roe

Air Dried Duck Breast with Caviar, Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Parfait

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ah Leong Laksa @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang.

Hidden behind the ubiquitous food lane of Raja Uda, Ah Leong Laksa at Taman Melur is truly a hidden gem; not only the location is unnoticeable and inconspicuous but it does not have a clear sign board indicating the place, so the patrons who find their way here are generally in the know. Nestled within a terrace house, Ah Leong Laksa is not a one-trick pony, it sells many home-made delicacies too. For instances, Prawn Crackers, Chai Kueh (Steamed Vegetables Dumplings), Ice Kacang and Cendol. Diners can now appease all cravings (of Cendol and Assam Laksa) at one go. 

Directions to Ah Leong Laksa:
From Jalan Raja Uda, locate Pangsapuri Melur (Butterworth) and you should be able to see a traffic right right in front of the flat. Take a right turn into the housing area (of Taman Melur) and take a left turn at the FIRST junction after turning into the road. Drive until the very end of the road and you should be able to see a Chinese Temple on your left and Ah Leong Laksa on your right shortly. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner @ The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Penang.

Break fast with The Eatery housed within Four Points by Sheraton Penang in this holy month of Ramadhan with their carefully designed menu which comprises of both locals and international flavors. The Ramadhan Buffet Dinner is priced at Rm 78+ (for adult) and children aged between 3 to 12 years old will be entitled for a 50% discount. The Buffet runs from 28th of June 2014 until 27th of July 2014. As usual, Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members get to enjoy a 20% discount off the total food bill while cards members of UOB, Maybank and CIMB get to enjoy discounts up to 50% (kindly inquire within). 

Many Thanks to Starwood Hotels and Resorts for extending the invitation. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Tucked within a heritage pre-war house along Beach Street, The ManGoes is a newly opened cafe cum boutique hotel. It occupies two houses while the cafe is nestled within the hotel. It is not to be confused with The ManGoes Tree at Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, although both are under the same management but the cafe is only available at The ManGoes at Beach Street. The quaint and snug little cafe provides unabashed home-made desserts (though choices are very limited); we love the cozy interior and of course, the comfortable couches though we'd prefer a larger seating space. The inviting and artsy space has its own unique personal touch, with traces of their photographs and antiques adorning the walls. Advance reservation is encouraged as the cafe's seating is not too accommodating for the larger groups. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Official Launching of Tree Bar @ G Hotel, Penang.

Tree Bar nestled under the 80-year old Rain Tree is a delightful addition to G Hotel as guests can now take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a glass of well-chilled Beer and watch the world goes by. The newly launched Bar took the prominent spot of the al-fresco dining area between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza, the simple and minimalist decor channels a calm and pleasing sense of tranquility. We like the Bar being spacious but without any traces of ostentation, just perfect to spend an evening with your loved ones or to have some sweet talks. On the menu, guests can expect to see an array of Draught Beers, Cocktails, Whiskeys and assorted Liqueurs; apart from the alcoholic drinks, a selections of Coffees and Teas are also available as well as some mouth-watering snacks and gourmet Burgers.  

Many Thanks to G Hotel for extending the invitation.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Griffiths Cafe @ Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Griffiths Cafe might not be new for those who are staying at Bukit Mertajam, the cafe is famous of its home-made pastries and cakes. Quiches, Tiramisu, Walnut Cake, Pumpkin Pie are amongst the note-worthy choices to look for. Other than pastries and cakes, the cafe serves Western dishes too but nothing seems to be overly exciting though. We were very tempted to try their Quiche and Pumpkin Pie but it was a pity that they were not available. Prices are considered reasonable and the staffs were friendly but I am not sure if the place is worth for a second visit though; probably more for novelty (yes the Quiche and Pumpkin Pie) rather than absolute taste. Griffiths Cafe is located at Kampung Baru, a stone's throw distance away from Vivo Cafe and Station One. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Assam Laksa Under the Tree @ Sungai Ara, Penang.

Penangites' all time favorite and proud- Assam Laksa, everyone has their own favorite places when it comes to Assam Laksa but the nearby residents of Sungai Ara would probably recommend this stall under the tree. Manned by a team of two (mother and daughter), the humble Assam Laksa stall has been there for quite sometime and since then, become the nearby residents' favorite. Despite the place may not have the perfect setting for the heat-intolerant but it offers unabashed authentic Assam Laksa and various types of snacks at very affordable prices. While the taste was not outstanding, we thought that this place may be ideal for you to grab an afternoon snack and to satiate your cravings for a bowl of Penang Assam Laksa. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cloud Dreaming Vegan Cake House @ Sungai Ara, Penang.

Penang has a decent share of Vegetarian shops and eateries but now, there is a greater variety on offer- a Vegetarian Cafe. Under the same management as Sushi Kitchen, Cloud Dreaming Vegan Cake House is a newly opened yet unique cafe that defies convention. Vegetarians/ Vegans can now spend their afternoon and wind down at a cozy setting while enjoying their range of healthy vegetarian snacks and cakes. Their interior decoration may be simple but we love the little compartments to provide diners some privacy. Diners can now have some juicy gossips or catching ups with each others. Comfortable couches are available too. Despite prices are on the higher side, but we were pleased with the quality of the ingredients and the attentive yet friendly service. Cloud Dreaming Vegan Cake is tucked within an inconspicuous shop lot nearby the Sungai Ara wet market or below Sushi Kitchen at Sungai Ara. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang.

The Cafe culture in Penang is still percolating and with myriad of options available, Cafe owners/ restaurateurs have had to work a lot harder to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The Safe Room at Campbell Street (few shops away from Moustache Houze and Sugar Honey) is pushing it to a whole new different league by offering Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Probably the first in Penang, we like the open-kitchen concept as diners get to witness the whole process at the bar- the extraction of Liquid Nitrogen from the storage tank, the blending of Fruits and finally, the freezing process. The Safe Room is not a one-trick pony, the place does offer a range of Cakes (though limited) and some Mains (such as Pasta, Egg Ben, Breakfast set etc). The flavors (for the Ice Cream) are a little bit safe and predictable for now, but the management is currently working on some new flavors and have plans to add them to the menu real soon. Additionally, there is a Tree locked in the "Safe Room" and couples get to purchase a "Love Lock" at Rm 39.90 each (engraving names on the Lock is included) and have it locked to the Tree which nicely tucked with the "Safe Room" (for more information, kindly inquire within). 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hokkien Prawn Mee/ Wanton Mee @ Air Itam Market, Air Itam, Penang.

Walk until the end of the Air Itam Morning Market (across the bridge), you will come to this obscure and unpretentious coffee shop- Kapin, right next to a traditional Chinese Medicine Shop, facing the junction of Jalan Rambutan and Jalan Air Itam. It should be quite apparent as your attention will likely be caught by the long queue right in front of a stall selling Hokkien Prawn Noodle and it tends to be sold out by 9:30 am. Be sure to wake up early if you wish to have a taste of this Hokkien Prawn Mee. The Wanton Mee, on the other hand, is hand-made by using Bamboo Stick; or you might be more familiar with the name Jook-Sing Noodles/ Bamboo Noodles/ 竹升面 (read more information about the noodles here). It is not too commonly seen in Penang. This is definitely the place to have a quick breakfast especially if you are in the vicinity.