Monday, November 30, 2009

DAO-RAE Korean BBQ Restaurant @ I-Avenue, Penang

Since my dad is on half-day today , so we decided to go for lunch together ,we brought my cousin bro as well as its school holiday now , we then headed to this restaurant which located in I-Avenue,Bukit Jambul (u can find this restaurant if u heading towards queensbay ,the Bukit Jambul roundabout) this is a korean BBQ based restaurant and obviously they serve BBQ and korean stuff XD......and i was amazed with their decoration and all the cooking utensils they erected........below are some shots on the deco :

The little pipe there was used to suck up all the smoke and the oily gases , and surprisingly it speeds up the burning of the charcoal , making our meat cooks faster 0.0 and they used charcoal for the BBQ part =D which i think its a very good idea as we all know that charcoal will give the meat a very special taste
So after we placed our orders , we were served with a bowl of soup which i think its cooked with some sort of seaweed which i found quite similar to the japanese style , and of coz , the taste is superb

Then , we were introduced to their appetizer(only be served free if u ordered the BBQ meat but not the steamboat or others) and various kinds of sauce that work with the meat ,its too long to tell about the taste but i like the kimchi the most as its sour and spicy at the same time but not too salty ,i think this is probably one of the best kimchi that i ever had , and just in case u are curious on wat is the sauce below the miso , its fried salt in herbs , in chinese , we called it 'hua yan'(mandarin) or 'wah yim' in cantonese

Pork Belly soaked in ginseng essence (rm30) u can see , 2 slices of the pork belly was grilled till perfect and the white thingy there was onion and a few cloves of garlics(soaked in olive oil) .....not really sure about the taste as i don eat pork =) , but my parents told me the pork belly don really seem to have strong flavour of ginseng , in fact , its like a normal pork belly

Chicken slices in special sauce (rm27) ....din really shoot the chicken BBQ part as its kinda similar to the pork , the chicken is so fragrant and it was grilled to perfect , somehow like the japanese style of grill chicken ,teppanyaki ?

Some sort of fish steamboat , don really know the name of the fish as its in korean >.<.....anyway , its rm70 for this steamboat thingy , the fish were fresh , and they actually put in tons of vege especially bean sprouts but the soup is extremely tasty , u can even taste the natural sweetness of the fish inside the soup

We were given a free korean style pancake =D by the manager......its very thin yet tasty pancake , especially the sauce , it just light up the whole thing XD

Seafood Fried rice for my little cousin bro (rm17).....taste extremely good as well , especially the texture of the rice , its so spongy and aromatic , sry for the poor quality of photo though , hands were shaky that time as i cant resist all the food in front of me :P

My impression towards this restaurant is quite good as the service is good yet the price is considerably bill totalled up rm158.40 , 10% of service charge and NO govt tax

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Xin Lai Lai" Food Court

Went supper with S last night......after like 40 mins of driving , we couldnt find a place to coz its ad near to 10.30pm......passed by this food court went in and tried some of the food , this food court is located near jalan P.Ramlee and jalan Perak and its just 10mins walking distance from heng ee high school.....anyway , here are our orders :

Mee Udang (rm3.50).....this is 1 of the best mee udang i'd ever tried in town.....i don feel like posting up this post in the beginning but S feels this mee udang is superb so she suggested i post this....well ....its super duper hot and spicy....but the sauce is simply amazing ,comes with 3 big prawns as well =)
Belacan Fried Rice (rm4.00).....very fragrant and the rice is chewy , but wat i dislike is they put in a lot of vege which is very annoying......seems like fried rice with tons of vege isnt a good idea afterall @.@
Satay(rm5.00)......pretty decent....nothing special worth for me to mention.....sauce is terribly few =(

They got quite a wide variety of food here.......but from wat i tried b4 , their wanton mee , curry mee and western food is quite nice and price is reasonable too =).....well , its just a short post since its just supper , don expect me to eat a lot right XD

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Marble Arch Cafe @ Pulau Tikus Market

Its been a long long time since i ever post a food post.....was quite running of right beside Pulau Tikus wet market , there is a cafe open for both breakfast and dinner , if u are sick of those market food such as koay teow th'ng , curry mee etc....u can seek for this instead when u visit to this market next time....anyway....mostly they serve western are some orders of the day :

A cup of coffee(rm1.90) in a daily breakfast is crucial >.<....nothing much to mention about but the coffee was rather smooth than those in coffee shop(don compare with those in starbucks)

My Iced lemon tea (rm3.90).....taste pretty decent but unfortunately i don see the lemon anywhere in this cup of i guess it should be named as iced tea :P

A simply common breakfast set(rm5.90) ....needless to tell the taste....just ordinary sausages and hams.....portion was rather small though
Garlic toast with mushroom soup set (rm4.90) of the best order of the day......creamy mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread....and the garlic bread is damn aromatic , thanks to those spices they used...
My tom yum spaghetti (rm7.90) u might have a big fan of is rather good.....shrimps were fresh.....everything is just nice but the portion was DAMN SMALL......its like nothing even though i chewed down the whole plate T.T....

Outer look of the cafe , they also have some healthy style bread for sale like multi grain , wholemeal etc......and bill totalled up rm23.90.....which is quite cheap i guess.....and there is no tax at all =)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Station 1 Cafe @ Komtar Walk

Went to this restaurant for lunch today , had been seeing tons of advertisement of Komtar Walk (in front of komtar of coz) since their opening ceremony , so we were quite interested to take a look at it.....there are 2 restaurants out there and station 1 cafe is 1 of them , another 1 would be a branch for penang road's cendol , this restaurant serves fusion style cuisine which they offer a wide range of food such as western , chinese , malay etc......and they are non-halal cafeteria =) anyway , cut the crap , here are some orders of the day :P

Hot Honey Milk (rm4.90).....a very strong flavour of vanila , taste like coconut milk as well......i think they might put a few drops of vanila extract so that the flavour became so strong =(

Just an ordinary orange juice >.<.....its free if u order their set meals , and of coz , prices varies for every set meal

My cold yestea (rm4.60) , looks cool right but its just an ordinary green tea =(....anyway , comes with big bottles just as u see >.<.....not sweet at all , its quite good if u were to have a long conversation with ur frens and family =)
This is the main course for the set meal --Spaghetti Marinara (rm7.90 for a set) , also there will be a bowl of soup given for every set as well (free of coz).....taste great but there isnt any other ingredients beside the ham =( , and those ham slices are tasteless coz they deep fried it just like french fries =X.....but overall this is a pretty decent spaghetti

Their so called 'Hawaian Pizza' (rm 4.90)......taste sucks , isnt it abit pathetic for such small size pizza and this was my mom's order by the way =X

My mixed grill (rm 22.90).....comes with a HUGE portion =) which consists of lamb chop , steak , chicken chop and 2 sausages =D......everything is just perfectly grilled , taste is just awesome , there will be 3 types of sauces for u to choose as well and i chose special salad sauce , i guess the word 'special' attracted me XD.....mashed potato was just ok , salad is decent as well......i would say that its kinda cheap as the portion is really big ^^

Just some random photos regarding the komtar walk and poor mom and my little cousin bro , they became model of the day yet they donno about it there will be a 10% service charge and NO govt tax , bill totalled rm 47.90......which is a very reasonable price i think
To my colleagues in chong cheng : This would be the venue for the farewell , i decided to change to this as i felt this restaurant is really special and suitable for conversations =).....looking forward to thurs XD

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunlee Coffee Shop @ Air Itam, Penang

Located at Air Itam (opposite CIMB bank , b4 the roundabout to Bkt. Bendera) , this coffee shop is always packed with ppl during weekends , they offer quite a lot of variety of food such as bah kut teh , mee goreng , chu char , satay , char kuey teow etc......however , among those , we found that their bak kut teh is the most special among all as well as their chu char......others werent that impressive , so here are some photos :

Bah Kut Teh ,which comes with a small little bowl of 'yau char kuey'......very strong flavour of chinese herbal and some fragrance of special spices......pretty good i would say , not so oily for this stall's bak kut teh and u can always ask them to refill the soup for u =)......the yam rice was aromatic as well......full with yam cutlets which the flavour of the yam fused with the rice...imagine that XD....also , who can eats yam rice without garlic @.@ right ?

The 'mee sua kow' from the chu char stall (rm4.50 for 1 person's serving)....the texture is kinda similar to shark fin's would be even nicer if u serve it with some it brings out the flavour more =D.....there were prawns and crabmeats flakes inside(don expect them to be damn big though).....and this is also 1 of the best mee sua kow i had found in town so far =)

Yea , i know the quality is kinda poor as my hands were shaky , my parents ran away when i was shooting this should take my time as the car key was with me >.<

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sai Kong Hui

Located near citibank , the road (transfer road) that opposite the KWSP building , there is a coffee shop where its age is older than mine ..>.<....its famous of its nyonya style dishes....and the prices are quite cheap......anyway , these are the orders of the day :

Fried beansprouts with salted fish.....the fragrance of the salted fish fused with the crunchy beansprouts.....crunchy and fragrant in short

Assam Prawn......prawns were quite fresh......taste was a bit salty and sourish.....truely a very unique nyonya dish.....

Fried 'lala' in 'tau pan sauce'......a bit spicy and the 'tau pan' sauce was damn salty.....the 'lalas' were too small in size, ended up like the texture that is supposed to be found in 'lala' has disappeared......was kinda disappointed with this 1 though

Curry Fish Head......taste was pretty decent , my mom likes this more than the 1 in juru but i would prefer that 1 as u can barely find some meat here.....taste was more to head was fresh too......everything is just fine =)
Inche kabin.....nothing much to mention , crunchy and aromatic , love it =D

Even their coffee shop has that 'nyonya' feeling as its damn long and narrow......bill totalled up 53 which includes 3 plates of rice , 3 ei