Thursday, November 26, 2009

Marble Arch Cafe @ Pulau Tikus Market

Its been a long long time since i ever post a food post.....was quite running of right beside Pulau Tikus wet market , there is a cafe open for both breakfast and dinner , if u are sick of those market food such as koay teow th'ng , curry mee etc....u can seek for this instead when u visit to this market next time....anyway....mostly they serve western are some orders of the day :

A cup of coffee(rm1.90) in a daily breakfast is crucial >.<....nothing much to mention about but the coffee was rather smooth than those in coffee shop(don compare with those in starbucks)

My Iced lemon tea (rm3.90).....taste pretty decent but unfortunately i don see the lemon anywhere in this cup of i guess it should be named as iced tea :P

A simply common breakfast set(rm5.90) ....needless to tell the taste....just ordinary sausages and hams.....portion was rather small though
Garlic toast with mushroom soup set (rm4.90) of the best order of the day......creamy mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread....and the garlic bread is damn aromatic , thanks to those spices they used...
My tom yum spaghetti (rm7.90) u might have a big fan of is rather good.....shrimps were fresh.....everything is just nice but the portion was DAMN SMALL......its like nothing even though i chewed down the whole plate T.T....

Outer look of the cafe , they also have some healthy style bread for sale like multi grain , wholemeal etc......and bill totalled up rm23.90.....which is quite cheap i guess.....and there is no tax at all =)

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