Saturday, November 28, 2009

Xin Lai Lai" Food Court

Went supper with S last night......after like 40 mins of driving , we couldnt find a place to coz its ad near to 10.30pm......passed by this food court went in and tried some of the food , this food court is located near jalan P.Ramlee and jalan Perak and its just 10mins walking distance from heng ee high school.....anyway , here are our orders :

Mee Udang (rm3.50).....this is 1 of the best mee udang i'd ever tried in town.....i don feel like posting up this post in the beginning but S feels this mee udang is superb so she suggested i post this....well ....its super duper hot and spicy....but the sauce is simply amazing ,comes with 3 big prawns as well =)
Belacan Fried Rice (rm4.00).....very fragrant and the rice is chewy , but wat i dislike is they put in a lot of vege which is very annoying......seems like fried rice with tons of vege isnt a good idea afterall @.@
Satay(rm5.00)......pretty decent....nothing special worth for me to mention.....sauce is terribly few =(

They got quite a wide variety of food here.......but from wat i tried b4 , their wanton mee , curry mee and western food is quite nice and price is reasonable too =).....well , its just a short post since its just supper , don expect me to eat a lot right XD

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