Friday, October 30, 2009

Isaribi Japanese Restaurant @ Chow Thye Road, Penang

Had japanese food as lunch just now as my dad has successfully collected 10 stamps given by the restaurant....upon presenting it , we will be given rm20 discounts XD.....but just me and my mom went though......prices were unbelievably are some orders (everything we ordered is a bento set which means it comes with a bowl of rice , salad and miso soup) :

Sashimi set (rm25) for just 6 slices of sashimi !!!! *sick-ness*....but wat i must say is their sashimi is damn fresh and unlike sushi king or sakae , the sashimi was cut to a certain thickness which is much more thicker .......its like the salmon swims in ur mouth when u chew it XD.....also , their wasabi was freshly grated not those like toothpaste-packing type.....which u can actually taste some mild taste of wasabi

Beef Cutlet (rm22).....was damn crunchy and aromatic , beef was tender and juicy enough , works perfectly well with the sauce(no idea wat sauce it is , but abit sourish taste) , gently dip it into the sauce and serve with a mouthfull of rice allows u enchance more about the fragrant of beef.......

Every set comes with a big bowl of rice , a miso soup and a bowl of salad. Their miso soup was the best that i'd ever tried.....u can taste the very strong flavour of miso but i heard there are 2 kinds of miso (red and white ?)....not sure if u can ask for the other type....and the salad dressing was special , sourish but its not made up of cider or vineger , maybe some sort of japanese stuff =P

Some error occured , the pic flipped opposite >.< , pls bear with it as i couldnt fix it , so this is my mom's seafood bento set (rm40) , inclusive of fried shrimp , clamps , and eel , serving portion was unbelievably mom coulndt finish it XD.....taste was pretty decent as we don really adore fried food.

Some random photos shot in the restaurant ....Halloween anyone ? =D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hongkie restaurant a.k.a Another concept restaurant @ E-Gate, Penang

Had lunch in this restaurant b4 we proceed to some shoppings at tesco (they have a branch in auto city as well ), i'd tried this restaurant few months ago (beginning of the year i supposed) ,their menu was kinda empty that time ,as we were wondering wat to eat , mom suggested that we go for a try and see if theres any improvements and yes they did , they modified their menu and added a lot of new stuffs , kinda impressive , and they actually moving towards 'Kim gary style' in terms of food and management(introducing the member cards and giving free food every month)....anyway , here are some orders by us (note that there were only 2 of us , so wont be much varieties) :

Shang hai big bowl rice or something like that , its a chicken chop covered on top some fried rice(rm8.95)....serving portion was damn big , never expect it to be such big , shouldnt order the 3rd x.X....taste was quite ok , esp the rice , chewy yet aromatic.....chicken was quite tender and juicy.....couldnt expect more though

Fried hor fun with beef (rm 11.95)....serving portion is unbelievably big , my mom couldnt finish it off , beef was tender enough but the taste would be slightly below kim gary's...taste was pretty decent ...nothing special though

Seafood spaghetti (rm11.95)....same goes to this 1 as well , serving portion unbelievably big , couldnt finish all as well @.@.....texture of spaghetti was perfect, the seafood was fresh as well.....esp the shrimp , i believe they pan fried them first , damn crunchy XD.....

Im not sure when is this promotion gonna ends , every customer will be given a free drink (coffee or yin yong which is a mixture of coffee and tea) , mon-thurs only....its totally free provided u are dining in their restaurant.....all orders are subjected to 5% govt tax AND 10% serv. charge....which i think its not reasonable , orders totalled up 32++ but bill ended up 38 !! The taxes itself costs rm6 !!! *roar*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hai An coffee shop (revisit) @ Burmah Road, Penang

I'd actually blog about this coffee shop last time(refer to food post 3) , but its about koay teow th'ng and this time it would be the hainanese food.....location is in burmah road , in between mekio (biggest furniture shop in penang)and hong leong here are some orders :

Hainanese chicken chop (rm3.50 , WTF could u believe this ?!!) , this is also 1 of the cheapest chicken chop in penang , taste superbly great....esp the gravy.....theres also another way of eating it , simply request for some toasted bread and soak them into the gravy and cut a slice of chicken....this is heavenly good as well XD
Hainan Char Bee Hun.....looks like hokkien char right , the taste was kinda same as well but surprisingly the bee hun was fried to perfect , not like too soft.....texture was just perfectly ok , some moistiness in the bee hun opens ur appetite as well =D

Again , Hainanese spring stingy for giving us 2 only @.@....anyway , the outer layer was so crispy , they will provide u a kind of sauce which is a combination of Worcestershire sauce(Lea & Perrins in locals) and some mustard.....taste extremely perfect with this sauce....2 is too few for us though =(

'Loh Bak' , this is not 1 of the hainanese food but this is the BEST 'loh bak' i had so yet tasty....esp the fresh and crunchy.....the toufu was 1 of the best as well.....the texture was so smooth in the inner and crispy on the outer layer.....and whole plate of this thing cost rm7.50 only....XD....well , this coffee shop definitely is a must-visit if u wish to know more about penang (its definitely a special culture for us =D )

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chopper's Board @ Queensbay mall, Penang

Had a gathering with CFP classmates last night at queensbay mall....had some rojak as well , thanks to KW for buying us some delicious rojak...i was surprised and amazed with their(Bukit Mertajam) rojak....instead of fruits , they uses some fried food like fish cakes , cucuk udang(prawn crackers) be dipped into the rojak sauce....sad to say i din shoot any of those.....but definitely will shoot the stall and the rojak next time....back to chopper's board....its located on 1st floor of queensbay mall....exactly 1 level below GSC cinema.....below are some of the orders :

Coleslaw(rm1.60) by J....serving portion was so small and we were shocked that she ate this small of bowl of thing ONLY for that night...=.="...taste was quite ok

Some cintan mee with minced meat (rm6.20)by KW....was completely tasteless....until she needs to ask for some soya sauce into the soup...>.<

Fried fish cutlets with bee hun soup (rm7.50)......its HORRIBLE rather than just tasteless....soya sauce din do the trick....this soup is certified to death X.x......i swear i wont order this again...and i couldnt finish half of this...imagine how nasty it is.....

Bee hun soup with some mussels ???(rm7.20) by S , much more better than mine and KW's i supposed as she din complaint much...but i don think its nice either.....

Black pepper chicken rice set (rm6.00) by vivian...taste was quite ok according her but there was nothing special worth of mentioning.....every set order will comes with a free drink (ginseng tea)....the tea was quite sweet though

Chopper's Board special soup (rm2.60) another side order by me =).....taste was ok.....the texture is something like the shark fin's soup and the white-ish things are fried bee hun , it serves as the 'shark fin' in this soup.....worth of trying though

Chopper's Board

Monday, October 19, 2009

Home's Cafe @ D'Piazza, Penang

Had lunch with ms S b4 we went for the talk , the talk was a crap anyway , so this is actually a re-visit....i'd visited this cafe( in D'Piazza which 5 mins away from sunway tunas and PISA )back to semester 2 in my foundation....but we were shocked that they din even change/modify the anyway , we tried some other where we din try are some orders of the day :

Yam cake (rm2.80)....taste was pretty decent but wat good is they actually gives a lot of so called 'toppings' and they decorate it =) which feels like upgraded the whole

Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken (rm6.30)........nothing much to mention about as well as i din ask ms S about the taste =P...but i think it should be ok bah =D

My peanut buttered roti bakar (toasted bread-rm2.80)....taste was ok i supposed but wat i adore is they actually sprinkled a lot of peanuts on top of the bread which makes the whole thing so aromatic......btw the bread was toasted to a certain level of crunchiness b4 they spread some peanut butter on top of it

My sausages combo with mashed potato(rm8.90) taste of the sausages was damn well as the mashed potato....and i found that the serving portion was rather big as u can see from the pic , they served 2 small sausages and 2 big ones.....8.90 was actually a pretty decent price for this dish =)
Iced cappuccino (rm3.90).....hmm....taste like ??? XD

My mango smoothies with yogurt (rm6.00)....quite smooth and fragrant...strong flavour of mango....i found it quite nice overall.....there wont be any govt tax but they will be a 5% of service charge on ur bill.....all the above totalled up rm33.65.....was kinda exp for an ordinary lunch though

Monday, October 12, 2009

A 'chu char' opposite chong cheng primary school @ Sg. Ara, Penang

Sorry for forgetting the name of this stall....its just right opposite my school...they serve 'chu char' and some specialty such as noodles , fried rice etc.....if u are staying in that area , u should have known this place as its so famous like almost everyone staying there tried at least once....

Fish head bee hun soup (around rm 6).kinda was fresh...but there is 1 thing which i donno why they did this , they added tons of vege in the soup and some seaweed as well....ended up the whole soup looks like rubbish bin....XD....overall this soup is quite nice....and regarding the serving portion....its DAMN BIG (note that everything in this chu char stall serves big portion for their food )

Fried 'King's noodle' if direct translation from hokkien dialect.....the noodle was quite spongy....and the taste was perfect....ingredients are fresh as well...worth of trying

The so called 'lam rice' which means rice in gravy...this is actually 1 of my fav food....esp serving with sambal would increase the fragrant of this thing XD....and this lam rice is 1 of the best that i had tried b4....

Oyster noodle....was tasty and its full with oysters....same as 'lam rice' this works perfectly well with some sambal on it.....serving portion was too big until my dad cant finish

Well...this is the only pic i u'll see this when u walk/drive along the sungai ara road....its located right opposite sjkc chong cheng...price was pretty decent.....average of rm 6 per bowl of thing BUT with BIG its kinda worth it....its not advisory to go on noon as there will be FULL HOUSE.....i went there around 1.45pm and there were 8 tables do make ur time unless u wanna wait for the crowd...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Passion of Kerala @ New World Park, Penang

My parents were out for wedding dinner so i had dinner with my gugu.....had no idea on wat should i eat for dinner so i went to new world park and take a look.....intended to shoot some photos in 'shang hai ding'--a restaurant famous of shang hai cuisine...but donno since when they wined up...=( just walked around and see wats interesting there and ended up this restaurant.....they are actually serving indian cuisine (more to so called nasi kandar)......

First up first....u'll be served this kind of crackers....its so aromatic but at the same time .....quite salty as well with a jar of beer XP

Then they will place a layer of banana leaf in front of u and start scooping rice.....followed by those small little vege dishes just like the pic above....this is a compulsory order thingy...its included in the rice set ( rm5.50)....and u can add on some side dish that u like =) orders will be as follows :

Fried bitter gourd (rm3.50)....was so crunchy and fragrant....esp the flour used....u can taste the strong flavour of the spices used in it.....conclusion for this dish :cheap and nice XD

Fried squid (rm6).....i don taste any spices in these squid...the texture of the squid was soft and the outer layer (the batter) was damn crunchy.......a very nice 1....

Vege massala (rm5)....the vege was quite fresh and crunchy...not like they stew it until the texture like shit =P.....1 of my fav dish on the table tonight

Chicken massala.....a bit salty for me...and the chicken is so hard to chew....anyway...overall its still ok....and u'll be served 3 diff kinds of curry for ur rice.....with 3 diff colours of coz...yellow , orange and red.....very interesting meal ....=D

These are the curry for ur rice (free of charge)....i felt the yellow 1 is horrible....but the red 1 is nice , spicy though....andrew might like some of the red curry XD

Massala tea (rm2.50)....his is the most special thing of the night and i felt that this is a MUST TRY in ur special...its actually teh tarik but cooked with SPICES smooth and aromatic....imagine a teh tarik that full of the fragrant of spices....XD

Its quite easily spotted as the whole restaurant was in green....few slots away from the BBQ chicken restaurant....bill total up rm38.30 for 2 person....a 5% service charge will be govt tax...try it out folks...its worth of trying...=D