Monday, October 12, 2009

A 'chu char' opposite chong cheng primary school @ Sg. Ara, Penang

Sorry for forgetting the name of this stall....its just right opposite my school...they serve 'chu char' and some specialty such as noodles , fried rice etc.....if u are staying in that area , u should have known this place as its so famous like almost everyone staying there tried at least once....

Fish head bee hun soup (around rm 6).kinda was fresh...but there is 1 thing which i donno why they did this , they added tons of vege in the soup and some seaweed as well....ended up the whole soup looks like rubbish bin....XD....overall this soup is quite nice....and regarding the serving portion....its DAMN BIG (note that everything in this chu char stall serves big portion for their food )

Fried 'King's noodle' if direct translation from hokkien dialect.....the noodle was quite spongy....and the taste was perfect....ingredients are fresh as well...worth of trying

The so called 'lam rice' which means rice in gravy...this is actually 1 of my fav food....esp serving with sambal would increase the fragrant of this thing XD....and this lam rice is 1 of the best that i had tried b4....

Oyster noodle....was tasty and its full with oysters....same as 'lam rice' this works perfectly well with some sambal on it.....serving portion was too big until my dad cant finish

Well...this is the only pic i u'll see this when u walk/drive along the sungai ara road....its located right opposite sjkc chong cheng...price was pretty decent.....average of rm 6 per bowl of thing BUT with BIG its kinda worth it....its not advisory to go on noon as there will be FULL HOUSE.....i went there around 1.45pm and there were 8 tables do make ur time unless u wanna wait for the crowd...


  1. lam rice,i hate!
    u better have a porridge instead!

  2. NOTE: dun order the fried rice... it's always burnt and smells horrible... My favourite: Emperor's Noodles!