Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hai An coffee shop (revisit) @ Burmah Road, Penang

I'd actually blog about this coffee shop last time(refer to food post 3) , but its about koay teow th'ng and this time it would be the hainanese food.....location is in burmah road , in between mekio (biggest furniture shop in penang)and hong leong here are some orders :

Hainanese chicken chop (rm3.50 , WTF could u believe this ?!!) , this is also 1 of the cheapest chicken chop in penang , taste superbly great....esp the gravy.....theres also another way of eating it , simply request for some toasted bread and soak them into the gravy and cut a slice of chicken....this is heavenly good as well XD
Hainan Char Bee Hun.....looks like hokkien char right , the taste was kinda same as well but surprisingly the bee hun was fried to perfect , not like too soft.....texture was just perfectly ok , some moistiness in the bee hun opens ur appetite as well =D

Again , Hainanese spring stingy for giving us 2 only @.@....anyway , the outer layer was so crispy , they will provide u a kind of sauce which is a combination of Worcestershire sauce(Lea & Perrins in locals) and some mustard.....taste extremely perfect with this sauce....2 is too few for us though =(

'Loh Bak' , this is not 1 of the hainanese food but this is the BEST 'loh bak' i had so yet tasty....esp the fresh and crunchy.....the toufu was 1 of the best as well.....the texture was so smooth in the inner and crispy on the outer layer.....and whole plate of this thing cost rm7.50 only....XD....well , this coffee shop definitely is a must-visit if u wish to know more about penang (its definitely a special culture for us =D )

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