Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hongkie restaurant a.k.a Another concept restaurant @ E-Gate, Penang

Had lunch in this restaurant b4 we proceed to some shoppings at tesco (they have a branch in auto city as well ), i'd tried this restaurant few months ago (beginning of the year i supposed) ,their menu was kinda empty that time ,as we were wondering wat to eat , mom suggested that we go for a try and see if theres any improvements and yes they did , they modified their menu and added a lot of new stuffs , kinda impressive , and they actually moving towards 'Kim gary style' in terms of food and management(introducing the member cards and giving free food every month)....anyway , here are some orders by us (note that there were only 2 of us , so wont be much varieties) :

Shang hai big bowl rice or something like that , its a chicken chop covered on top some fried rice(rm8.95)....serving portion was damn big , never expect it to be such big , shouldnt order the 3rd x.X....taste was quite ok , esp the rice , chewy yet aromatic.....chicken was quite tender and juicy.....couldnt expect more though

Fried hor fun with beef (rm 11.95)....serving portion is unbelievably big , my mom couldnt finish it off , beef was tender enough but the taste would be slightly below kim gary's...taste was pretty decent ...nothing special though

Seafood spaghetti (rm11.95)....same goes to this 1 as well , serving portion unbelievably big , couldnt finish all as well @.@.....texture of spaghetti was perfect, the seafood was fresh as well.....esp the shrimp , i believe they pan fried them first , damn crunchy XD.....

Im not sure when is this promotion gonna ends , every customer will be given a free drink (coffee or yin yong which is a mixture of coffee and tea) , mon-thurs only....its totally free provided u are dining in their restaurant.....all orders are subjected to 5% govt tax AND 10% serv. charge....which i think its not reasonable , orders totalled up 32++ but bill ended up 38 !! The taxes itself costs rm6 !!! *roar*

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