Monday, December 28, 2009

Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant

Had lunch with my family in this restaurant located in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah(beside Des Spark and Mayfair's building)....its hard to locate this restaurant when u walk along the road ,u need to drive into a small road instead to find this restaurant , so anyway , without further crapping....below are some orders of the day :

Roasted Spring Chicken ( 1 for rm5) , the skin of the spring chicken was roasted till perfect , very crunchy.....taste was perfect , couldnt ask for well with the chili sauce given

Now this is the special dish of this restaurant , steamed fish(depends on wat fish u order and the market price , this is garupa and the whole dish is rm72) with boiled bee hoon......a bowl of boiled bee hoon will be given to u and u need to soak them into the steamed fish-sauce....i know it may sounds weird but the outcome was surprisingly good.....all the oils and essence of the fish came out in the sauce....and u can taste the sauce better by using this method without wasting them =)....creative ei

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab (1 for rm5 , there were 6 here--rm30) and coated with salted egg yolks......very fragrant , your mouth will full with salted egg yolk's flavour once u bite into it.....its actually a bit salty for me but still good enough
Their Seafood Fried Rice noodle aka bee hoon (rm 10) doubt its actually 'hokkien char' with tons of seafood in it....taste pretty decent but it din really meet my expectations though....

The service and the food quality here is actually quite good , they start their business from 12pm onwards , so don go there too early or u will ended up waiting bill totalled up rm142.....beside service charge and govt tax , they also have extra charges on the towels and the nuts....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ah Mah Coffee House @ Pan Plaza, Pekaka

Visited to this newly open coffee house located in pan plaza,lip sin......u will easily locate this plaza as u drive along the main road to bukit jambul , so they mainly serve desert and of coz , some main course as below are some pics related to this coffee house :
'Ou Qiao Jelly' (rm4.80).......this is actually a desert mixed with some fruit punch which includes some lychee , longan , nata de coco etc......and its very wise for them to squeeze in some lemon......the little but of soury taste just light up the whole thing =)
Banana creepe topped with chocolate ice-cream (rm5)......nothing much to describe......pretty sweet though
Some sort of peanut desert (rm3)......its actually blended peanut mixed with sugar syrup and some condensed milk......taste was pretty decent.....the peanut flavour is quite strong though
This is ramen set with deep fried fish fillet (rm9.50)......the ramen is just superb.....the texture is really fillet is quite nice i think they added some sort of spice(s) into it....making the fillet very aromatic
U will easily find this coffee house once u entered the plaza....its just located on the right side of the plaza(corner unit).....and some of their seats are rubbish bin =.="......i dare not to sit on it as im pretty concern about the strength that it can sustain......i don wanna injure my ass , do i >.<

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xiao Er Coffee House @ Sunshine Farlim, Penang

***This restaurant has since closed down***
I realised my previous posts were too wordy and my readers don really read the i guess i'll cut down the number of words starting from this
Xiao Er Coffee House is located at farlim where its beside the famous supermarket---the newly renovated sunshine farlim :

So this is the Xiao Er's Teh(tea in malay) 'C' (rm2.60).....according to the older generation ,the word 'C' means evaporated milk

Xiao Er Prawn Toast (rm4.80)......some prawn paste spreaded on top on the bread and deep fried the whole thing......very crispy texture and the taste is superb....its rare to find this in penang....highly recommended ^^

This is their nasi lemak curry chicken set (rm7.20)....the rice was just ok but the curry chicken is just amazing.....the curry is smooth enough as well the thickness of the curry , its just perfect

Teriyaki Chicken set (rm11.90)......was kinda disappointed with their teriyaki chicken as we all know that teriyaki chicken is not suppose to be deep should be pan fried and be immersed into the teriyaki , their teriyaki sauce is way too sweet for me =(.......and their weird combo which 1 set of teriyaki chicken rice set will comes with a bread toast !! wat kind of combo is that....and the toast thick yet they don really buttered it...causing the bread to be tasteless D:
Breakfast set (rm 5.80)....nothing much to mention....its just too normal to be

10% of service charge will be added to ur bill.....price was quite ok i supposed.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Edelweiss Restaurant

Edelweiss restaurant is a restaurant that serves swiss cuisine , its rare to find a swiss restaurant in penang and i get to know this restaurant from 1 of my fren's blog , so this restaurant is located at armenian street....the exterior of this restaurant looks kinda old , just like those heritage , however the interior does impressed me...i shot some of them and let the pic entertains u =) :

Ladies and gentleman , i present u the cheese fondue(rm85--serving for 2)....which is a kind of so called cheese steambot....unlike steambot , u used raw materials and cook it in that pot , infact , this uses cooked materials to dip into it , like bread and sausages....the cheese inside is a misture of swiss-made cheese and some white wine...taste was a bit bitter but the cheese flavour was so strong until it almost covers the smell of the wine......the bread will be given if u order this thingy

The salad for 2 person serving will be included in this cheese fondue set as well.....the vege are kinda fresh but the dressing is just the normal 1 where we can find it everywhere over the supermarkets
Sry for the poor quality again , blame the lightings over there this time XD....anyway , this is their smoked pork belly set(rm34) the middle was mashed potatoes , only that they made it into instant noodles-shaped....taste was abit like smoked ham...and the sausages was like smoked sausages as

This is a product from germany(rm25) , the waitress promoted this to my dad lol , and he is a beer lover so he decided to try on this....taste was much smoother than those locally made according to him.....nothing much.....alcoholic percentage was 5.5%

They displayed a lot of antiques around this all the food here are subjected to 10% service charge and 5% govt tax....and bill totalled up for tonight is 174++.......and there was a brownie with vanilla chocolate for my cousin bro as well(din shoot it =D).....was damn exp to me as u only get to eat bread and vege for the cheese fondue but the environment is really nice and the service is good too =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ang Hoa Loh (Hokkien cuisine)

Went to this place for lunch just now , its located near pulau tikus and burma road (don really know the name of the road though) , its behind westland secondary school and its just opposite the army camp , hokkien cuisine is served here which i don really adores as hokkien cuisine tends to be very oily(at least to me) anyway below are the orders of the day(just a short post though) :

Fried shrimp coated with some flour.....taste was pretty decent , the shrimps werent that crispy when they were served ,they were rather small i would say =(

Fried egg with oysters in it......this was actually the best out there that i've tried......they actually put in a lot of oysters which light up the whole dish......but too bad , its VERY oily =X....i can assure u that u'll gain weight if u had this for 1 week XD

Oyster noodle......was abit too salty to me , and the texture for this noodles are just terrible.....its like they overcooked the noodles , no doubt the number of oysters are great here but still , its too oily for me to finish this whole plate noodle off

My mom told me that this place actually very famous of its hokkien style cooking , but i don really adores it , or maybe its just my personal preference =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seafood Rice Noodle and Porridge @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

Went to this coffee shop just now for dinner ,its actually located at bayan lepas area--the highway to airport(after industrial zone and b4 reaching upon penang international airport).They serve mainly seafood Rice Noodle and porridge and of coz , there are quite a lot of hawker food thingy can be found here as well.....below are some orders :

ok , so these are the seafood rice noodle soup and porridge(prices vary, depending on the seafood u ordered)....u can actually ask them to include any seafood u like, such as fish slices , prawns , paddy frogs , fishballs,squid etc.......and they only offer hokkien porridge(which is the rice form).....the soup was kinda sweet and comes in a quite big portion.....and of coz , the seafood are quite fresh

This was actually my favourite food when i was a kid......bread toasted with butter (2 for rm1.20--freaking cheap)and amongst i tried , this is 1 of the best of all , and till today , this taste hasnt changed much =) , the crispy-toasted bread spread with tons of butter and sprinkled a spoonful of sugar on crunchy and fragrant , the buttery-flavour will last up to few minutes in ur mouth and can u imagine how nice is that =)
Cuttlefish and water spinach serving with some home-made sauce (rm6 for small).....the texture of the cuttlefish is just nice and the sauce is tasty too , not too sweet nor its too spicy....

As i said , this coffee shop is located beside the highway where u are heading to airport , u can easily spot it when its dinner time especially during cars will be parking illegally beside the road just to have 1 bowl of tasty rice noodle XD......and better be there b4 6.30pm during weekends as u will have difficulty in finding places to sit