Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seafood Rice Noodle and Porridge @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

Went to this coffee shop just now for dinner ,its actually located at bayan lepas area--the highway to airport(after industrial zone and b4 reaching upon penang international airport).They serve mainly seafood Rice Noodle and porridge and of coz , there are quite a lot of hawker food thingy can be found here as well.....below are some orders :

ok , so these are the seafood rice noodle soup and porridge(prices vary, depending on the seafood u ordered)....u can actually ask them to include any seafood u like, such as fish slices , prawns , paddy frogs , fishballs,squid etc.......and they only offer hokkien porridge(which is the rice form).....the soup was kinda sweet and comes in a quite big portion.....and of coz , the seafood are quite fresh

This was actually my favourite food when i was a kid......bread toasted with butter (2 for rm1.20--freaking cheap)and amongst i tried , this is 1 of the best of all , and till today , this taste hasnt changed much =) , the crispy-toasted bread spread with tons of butter and sprinkled a spoonful of sugar on crunchy and fragrant , the buttery-flavour will last up to few minutes in ur mouth and can u imagine how nice is that =)
Cuttlefish and water spinach serving with some home-made sauce (rm6 for small).....the texture of the cuttlefish is just nice and the sauce is tasty too , not too sweet nor its too spicy....

As i said , this coffee shop is located beside the highway where u are heading to airport , u can easily spot it when its dinner time especially during cars will be parking illegally beside the road just to have 1 bowl of tasty rice noodle XD......and better be there b4 6.30pm during weekends as u will have difficulty in finding places to sit

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