Thursday, December 10, 2009

Straits Kitchen @ Green Hall

Passed by downtown just now and saw this restaurant , their banner attracted us so after so we get all the things settled down , we went to this restaurant which located in green hall(opposite the penang court, near the dewan pulau pinang and port swettenham)... flipped through the menu and found that they actually served both nyonya and western food so we decided to try on both (both are set lunch)XD:
A free ice lemon tea will be given for every set lunch whether its nyonya or western and its NOT sweet at all which i think its suitable for aged ppl =)

On the western side , i was served with a bowl of mushroom soup....taste was good , creamy and the mushroom flavour was quite strong as well

Some chicken salad.....pretty decent(well all the salad dressings are kinda same right :P),but 1 thing bad is about the chicken , the texture is horrible as they used chicken breast !! feel like chewing rubber @.@

Poor quality again X.X.....but this is the main character for my western set(rm 35) which is a lamb chop......serving is damn small and i think the lamb chop was slightly over-cooked and i can barely chew it down , the fries are just the normal fries where we can simply get it everywhere.....=(
Basmathi rice......very spongy and chewy and i think they added a little bit of spices in there....u can even smell the aroma of those spices in there =)
'Joo Hoo Char' , fried squid with some vege ???.....its a very traditional nyonya food i think as whenever u enter a nyonya style restaurant , u can find this dish easily

I shot it when my mom was taking the this is curry kapitan....taste quiet good , not so salty and a bit sourish taste as well ,works well with the basmathi rice

This is the so called 'asam prawn'......wat u see is exactly wat we ate.....yes , its just 2 pathetic prawns ......taste good though but anyway i don think the serving portion is right ,i mean , are u kidding , 2 prawns ?!Oh , and this nyonya set costs us rm25-1 serving, rm45 would be for 2 servings

Overall , i would rate a 6/10 for this restaurant , the taste is actually not bad and i think the environment is nice too especially valentine day but their serving portion definitely needs some improvements , prices are quite expensive according to the serving portion....anyway , 5% service charge will be added to ur bill , our bill totalled up is rm63

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