Monday, December 7, 2009

Heaven's Delight @ Penang Times Square

***This restaurant has since closed down***
Went times square just now for lunch , also , to visit the newly open supermarket--Sunshine City there this restaurant is located at lvl 1 of times square and the restaurant's concept is based on the fusion style between japanese dishes and chinese.....but we prefer japanese food more so we ordered japanese stuff XD instead of the chinese......

Pls excuse me for the poor quality this is salmon belly with some salmon eggs topping(rm25)......taste was like.............sushi........nothing else much to mention x.X

Some random bentos (rm20 and rm28) parents was too hungry , when i realised it , they ad started ended up the photos became like these , anyway , taste was just like normal bento and why do i say random , coz they written there in the receipt , 'bento A(rm20) and bento B(rm28)'...=.="

Now this is the best part of all......tongkotsu ramen(rm18) u can see there , a very huge portion of ramen and the creamy soup was just superb.....there will also be 3 slices of pork meat given as well.....din taste them as i don eat pork(quite tender according to my dad) but this ramen is simply tasty , tried b4 when they first opened but i din start to write my blog yet , so.....anyway , there are 4 types of ramen , the other 3 are spicy(never try b4 though) case u are craving for ramen , this 1 might be an good option for u =)

However , i found that the serving speed and the management of staff is kinda poor in this restaurant , inefficient staff might a problem too as they serve things slowly.....they took like 15 mins to take us a pot of greentea @.@......bentos , ramen , salmon don and greentea(rm8) all totalled up rm102.90 which inclusive a 5% of service charge

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