Friday, December 4, 2009

Shang Hai Ding Restaurant @ New World Park, Penang

Had lunch in this restaurant which serves shanghai style of cuisine.....its located in queensbay but not the shopping mall , instead , its those shop houses beside queensbay mall , u will locate it easily once u pass by the area as they got a gigantic advertisement board.....anyway , these are our orders :
Shanghai 'cong you'noodle (rm4.90), the sauce beside the noodle is some sort of peanut sauce i would say , it taste exactly like peanut butter !!! and surprisingly they work well together and the noodle is spongy and chewy =).....very nice overall

Yun Nam Rice Noodle (rm16.80).....this is a very special bowl of noodle i would say, its being served in a claypot just as wat u see above , the soup is tasty , the noodle is smooth and the fish slices are fresh too =) , just in case u are wondering , yes , the taste is kinda like 'fish head rice noodle' ,but a different form , and i would say that this is the best 'fish head rice noodle' i ever had XD

Some sort of custard pau in some stupid porcupine-design(rm 5.90)....very strong custard flavour and the skin for the pau is just ok....nothing much to mention
Some sort of desert (rm5.90)using mango and pamelo as ingredients and blend them with ice or so , we called it 'yang zhi kam lou' in cantonese....very smooth texture and its kinda sweet but i just love it =D

Needless to say....this is shanghai 'xiao long pau'(rm 10.80).....dumpling in other u can see , they actually contain soup inside all these dumpling and the sweetness inside the soup is awesome, upgrading the whole dish to the top :P .......ginger slices soaked in vinegar work perfectly with this kind of dumpling , this combination will eventually generate a very unique flavour when they were served together ,as the older generations said 饺子不放醋,吃起来像抹布so its quite hard to explain here , why not just try it urself folks =D

Bill totalled up rm40.15 including 5% of service charge if not mistaken (not too sure as i lost the receipt XP) and if u were craving for shanghai cuisine , i would recommend u guys to try this 1 out !!

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