Monday, December 14, 2009

Ang Hoa Loh (Hokkien cuisine)

Went to this place for lunch just now , its located near pulau tikus and burma road (don really know the name of the road though) , its behind westland secondary school and its just opposite the army camp , hokkien cuisine is served here which i don really adores as hokkien cuisine tends to be very oily(at least to me) anyway below are the orders of the day(just a short post though) :

Fried shrimp coated with some flour.....taste was pretty decent , the shrimps werent that crispy when they were served ,they were rather small i would say =(

Fried egg with oysters in it......this was actually the best out there that i've tried......they actually put in a lot of oysters which light up the whole dish......but too bad , its VERY oily =X....i can assure u that u'll gain weight if u had this for 1 week XD

Oyster noodle......was abit too salty to me , and the texture for this noodles are just terrible.....its like they overcooked the noodles , no doubt the number of oysters are great here but still , its too oily for me to finish this whole plate noodle off

My mom told me that this place actually very famous of its hokkien style cooking , but i don really adores it , or maybe its just my personal preference =)

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