Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Edelweiss Restaurant

Edelweiss restaurant is a restaurant that serves swiss cuisine , its rare to find a swiss restaurant in penang and i get to know this restaurant from 1 of my fren's blog , so this restaurant is located at armenian street....the exterior of this restaurant looks kinda old , just like those heritage , however the interior does impressed me...i shot some of them and let the pic entertains u =) :

Ladies and gentleman , i present u the cheese fondue(rm85--serving for 2)....which is a kind of so called cheese steambot....unlike steambot , u used raw materials and cook it in that pot , infact , this uses cooked materials to dip into it , like bread and sausages....the cheese inside is a misture of swiss-made cheese and some white wine...taste was a bit bitter but the cheese flavour was so strong until it almost covers the smell of the wine......the bread will be given if u order this thingy

The salad for 2 person serving will be included in this cheese fondue set as well.....the vege are kinda fresh but the dressing is just the normal 1 where we can find it everywhere over the supermarkets
Sry for the poor quality again , blame the lightings over there this time XD....anyway , this is their smoked pork belly set(rm34).....in the middle was mashed potatoes , only that they made it into instant noodles-shaped....taste was abit like smoked ham...and the sausages was like smoked sausages as well...lol....

This is a product from germany(rm25) , the waitress promoted this to my dad lol , and he is a beer lover so he decided to try on this....taste was much smoother than those locally made according to him.....nothing much.....alcoholic percentage was 5.5%

They displayed a lot of antiques around this restaurant.....so all the food here are subjected to 10% service charge and 5% govt tax....and bill totalled up for tonight is 174++.......and there was a brownie with vanilla chocolate for my cousin bro as well(din shoot it =D).....was damn exp to me as u only get to eat bread and vege for the cheese fondue but the environment is really nice and the service is good too =)

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