Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xiao Er Coffee House @ Sunshine Farlim, Penang

***This restaurant has since closed down***
I realised my previous posts were too wordy and my readers don really read the i guess i'll cut down the number of words starting from this
Xiao Er Coffee House is located at farlim where its beside the famous supermarket---the newly renovated sunshine farlim :

So this is the Xiao Er's Teh(tea in malay) 'C' (rm2.60).....according to the older generation ,the word 'C' means evaporated milk

Xiao Er Prawn Toast (rm4.80)......some prawn paste spreaded on top on the bread and deep fried the whole thing......very crispy texture and the taste is superb....its rare to find this in penang....highly recommended ^^

This is their nasi lemak curry chicken set (rm7.20)....the rice was just ok but the curry chicken is just amazing.....the curry is smooth enough as well the thickness of the curry , its just perfect

Teriyaki Chicken set (rm11.90)......was kinda disappointed with their teriyaki chicken as we all know that teriyaki chicken is not suppose to be deep should be pan fried and be immersed into the teriyaki , their teriyaki sauce is way too sweet for me =(.......and their weird combo which 1 set of teriyaki chicken rice set will comes with a bread toast !! wat kind of combo is that....and the toast thick yet they don really buttered it...causing the bread to be tasteless D:
Breakfast set (rm 5.80)....nothing much to mention....its just too normal to be

10% of service charge will be added to ur bill.....price was quite ok i supposed.....

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