Monday, December 28, 2009

Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant

Had lunch with my family in this restaurant located in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah(beside Des Spark and Mayfair's building)....its hard to locate this restaurant when u walk along the road ,u need to drive into a small road instead to find this restaurant , so anyway , without further crapping....below are some orders of the day :

Roasted Spring Chicken ( 1 for rm5) , the skin of the spring chicken was roasted till perfect , very crunchy.....taste was perfect , couldnt ask for well with the chili sauce given

Now this is the special dish of this restaurant , steamed fish(depends on wat fish u order and the market price , this is garupa and the whole dish is rm72) with boiled bee hoon......a bowl of boiled bee hoon will be given to u and u need to soak them into the steamed fish-sauce....i know it may sounds weird but the outcome was surprisingly good.....all the oils and essence of the fish came out in the sauce....and u can taste the sauce better by using this method without wasting them =)....creative ei

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab (1 for rm5 , there were 6 here--rm30) and coated with salted egg yolks......very fragrant , your mouth will full with salted egg yolk's flavour once u bite into it.....its actually a bit salty for me but still good enough
Their Seafood Fried Rice noodle aka bee hoon (rm 10) doubt its actually 'hokkien char' with tons of seafood in it....taste pretty decent but it din really meet my expectations though....

The service and the food quality here is actually quite good , they start their business from 12pm onwards , so don go there too early or u will ended up waiting bill totalled up rm142.....beside service charge and govt tax , they also have extra charges on the towels and the nuts....

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