Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sin Kheang Aun Coffee House

Had lunch in this historical coffee house in penang few days ago......i heard they started their business few decades ago...they serve 'hainan' style cuisine which i don really like....but anyway , these are few of our orders :

Hainanese Chicken Chop.....same as 'hai on's chicken chop' , their chicken chop is served with heavy gravy but this 1 actually is better than the 1 in hai on's......their gravy is sweeter and much bigger in portion

Deep Fried Prawns in assam paste.....abit sourish but damn fragrant.....the adding of assam paste into prawns is crunchy and the prawns are damn fresh , lovin it =)
Some sort of curry was fresh , curry was pretty decent.....sourish in taste and not too spicy overall......

Stir-fried vegetables ......i think they put in some sort of pork kidney inside nasty and could they put in such thing into the vege....poor vege =(......i think pork kidney-lovers might adore this dish though

Fishball toufu soup.....same as the above , i can see some pork intestine swimming inside this soup......its just horrible , everyone knows wat intestines are work for in our body right.....and they cook it in the soup summore comment on the taste as i din drink a single drop of it woohoo ~~
Sin Kheang Aun coffee shop is located in Chulia Lane....its worth of trying if u adores the food that i mentioned those are the signature dish in this coffee shop =)

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