Monday, November 27, 2023

ChinChin Gastropub Penang Rolls Out New Menu- Nov 2023

Popular Izakaya-style restaurant- ChinChin Gastropub at Pulau Tikus rolls out new menu starting November 2023. The new contemporary menu incorporates some Asian elements while retaining some of their regulars' favorite items; some playful factors are also considered to spice things up. Also worth mentioning will be their 3-course Lunch menu- for RM50+, diners will be treated to an Appetizer, a Main and a dessert; making it an ideal option for business lunch. 

Many Thanks to ChinChin Gastropub for hosting us.

Mala Chili Crab Pasta (Rm 68)

Truffle Capellini (Rm 20)

King Oyster Mushrooms (Rm 18)

Squid Batayaki (Rm 28)

Chicken Inasal (Rm 38)

Deconstructed Lime Tart (Rm 26)

The Truffle Capellini is a starter that is light and easy on the palate- well cooked Capellini mixed with Shio Kombu, Chives, Truffle Oil and topped with Caviar. The flavor combo is subtle with a sleek Umami sweetness. The Squid Batayaki is perfect for sharing and would go well with alcohols. Carefully grilled Squid dressed with Batayaki sauce, served with crispy Garlic flakes, Leek and Spring Onions. Equally good is the Soy-glazed King Oyster Mushrooms- expertly cooked with the right crunch, the sweet and tangy Soy glaze is addictive and an absolute match with the King Oyster Mushrooms. 

For something more substantial, the Mala Chili Crab is perfect for spicy lovers. Though the "Ma" element is toned down to suit the local palate, the spiciness is there. With the al-dente Pasta and fresh, plumpy Crab meat, the dish is lip-smacking and best for sharing. Yet another masterpiece- the Chicken Inasal consists of perfectly grilled Chicken, served with Sisig sauce, Inasal glaze, grilled Kai Lan and some Chili dust. The Chicken is addictively tender and juicy while the Sisig sauce introduces the creamy, tangy elements to the dish. For sweet ending, go for the Deconstructed Lime Tart- a dessert with bold sour element as well as zesty flavor, most suitable for those seeking for a sharp-flavored, acidic end. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Address: 25-G, Lintang Burma, 10250, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 018-460 0422

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