Thursday, March 2, 2023

ChinChin Gastropub @ Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

ChinChin Gastropub needs no further introduction, the Gastropub has been dishing out some creative, quality Fusion dishes since its opening in Pulau Tikus, Penang. It serves up fusion fare food with a clear direction in mind- to use as much local produce as possible. The long-standing restaurant is known for using premium and fresh ingredients in its cooking; it is constantly on the look out to revamp its menu, adding more exciting and new elements to it. The focus remains unchanged- to highlight on the natural flavors of the fine ingredients as well as to offer creative way of enjoying the food. The Chef hopes to break free from the mundane and let the diners to enjoy his dishes in a more inventive way. ChinChin Gastropub now changes its menu on a monthly basis, check out their Facebook Page for more updates.

Many Thanks to ChinChin Gastropub for hosting us. 

Cannelloni Pasta with Spice Lamb Calabrese and Ricotta Cheese (Rm 48)

Lamb Cutlet with Hot Sauce and Cranberry Relish (Rm 88)

Pork Patty with Kizami Wasabi and Gribiche (Rm 38)

Eggplant with Harissa and Chimichurri (Rm 28)

Fried Brie with Yuzu Cream and Apple Relish (Rm 32)

Bittersweet- Dark Chocolate, Cointreau and Mousse (Rm 28)

A unique and different way of enjoying Brie- Fried Brie, served with Yuzu Cream and Apple Relish. Having being deep fried, the Brie has a crispy crust, complete with a touch of Sea Salt. The creaminess is greatly reduced and to serve with the refreshing Apple Relish, it further cuts through the greasiness and offers a refreshing bite. Likewise, the Pork Patty with Kizami Wasabi and Gribiche is also a surprisingly refreshing dish to enjoy. The real draw of the dish is the Kizami Wasabi, a type of Japanese fermented sauce with Wasabi. It carries a bold Wasabi flavor and works well with the meat patty here.

For something more filling, the Cannelloni Pasta with Spice Lamb Calabrese and Ricotta Cheese is a good option. The Cannelloni Pasta is expertly cooked to al-dente texture and the meat sauce is nicely cooked with good flavors. The gamey Lamb flavor may be a little strong here but that is what makes the dish delicious. Another Lamb dish for meat lovers would be the Lamb Cutlet with Hot Sauce and Cranberry Relish- thickly cut Lamb Cutlet perfectly grilled and served with home-made Hot Sauce and Cranberry Relish. It carries a sleek spiciness with a sweet note, backed by smoky fragrance. 

For sweet-ending, the Bittersweet is an interesting way of serving Chocolate Mousse. The French Orange liqueur-infused Chocolate Mousse is delicious on its own but it gets monotonous after a few bites. The nutty elements, fresh Orange and Sea Salt to the rescue... offering a fresh dimension to the dessert. A fun treat to be shared. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Business Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 011-2743 0417
ChinChin Gastropub Facebook Page

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