Saturday, October 21, 2023

Surprise Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Japanese Snacks from TokyoTreat!

Popular across the world- Japan is known for their world-class food and also their vast variety of Japanese snacks. Unless you spend a lot of time checking the specialty shops for all these delicious imported snacks, it is challenging to get access to them. But that should not stop you from experiencing Japan from home, you can do so by subscribing to TokyoTreat Snack Box where you can try new and delicious items curated and delivered to your door every month! Launched in 2015, TokyoTreat has become one of the most popular choices for monthly subscription boxes of Japanese snacks today. Read more about TokyoTreat at this link here.

Box-full of Japanese Treats

Peach-flavored Japanese Kit Kat

Based in Japan, TokyoTreat has access to a vast variety of seasonal Japanese snacks and that includes the highly sought-after Limited Edition Japanese Kit Kats! The snack experts in Japan will be sourcing and picking some of the latest snacks (including those not yet been released) and you will be one of the very first in the world to try new and limited flavors! Every month's TokyoTreat box will include a total number of 20 items, from brand new limited edition Japanese Kit Kat flavor, Japanese Instant Noodles, Japanese Bread to Japanese Sweets. Importantly, the box includes a professionally translated 24-page booklet so you will always know what you are getting. Do not worry even if you can't read Japanese, you can find out what is the product about in the booklet. 

The 24-Page Booklet gives you an idea on what you are getting

Depending on the subscription period, the monthly subscription fee starts from USD32.50 per month. 

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