Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Marrybrown Malaysia Rolls Out Oishii Japan Meals

Following the success of Marrybrown's Around The World themed meal, Marrybrown- the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain continues to bring its fans on the next 'around the world' meal inspired from by the land of the rising sun, Japan! Japan is the fourth destination of Marrybrown's Around the World themed meal... the newly launched Marrybrown Oishii Japan menu is filled with a surprise "kick" in every bite, strives to entice its fans with a comforting taste of happiness. 

Oishii Rice Bowl (Single- price from Rm 10.60/ Combo- price from RM 12.90)

Oishii Box Meal (price from RM 23.90)

2-pc Oishii Chicken (price from Rm 15.80/ Combo- price from RM 20.50)

Sakura Fizz (price from RM 5.50)

A combination of sweet and tangy sauce, the Japanese Teriyaki sauce is favorited by many Malaysians. With this in mind, Marryrbown is introducing Oishii Japan meals... Marrybrown fans can enjoy their favorite Marrybrown meals and Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken served with the luscious Teriyaki sauce with a surprise touch. Wasabi is introduced into the Teriyaki sauce, offering a zesty, refreshing dimension where it seeks to be "different" and sets to please all taste buds. Japanese Don lovers should never miss the Oishii Rice Bowl with Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken served with the expertly concocted Teriyaki sauce; a flavor-combo that all Malaysians would love. 

For Marrybrown fans who love to stick with the classics can go for the Oishii Chicken where Marrybrown's signature Crispy Chicken is served with the Teriyaki-Wasabi sauce; to complete the meal, go for Combo where Potato Wedges and a thirst-quencher Sakura Fizz are included. As for those who prefer variety can go for the Oishii Box Meal where Marrybrown's fans will get their hands on an Marrybrown's Oishii Burger, Oishii Chicken, Potato Wedges and complete with a serving of Sakura Fizz. It's also fun to know that the Oishii Burger buns and Sakura Fizz drink come in the vibrant shade of pink; with the visual aid of color hue, Marrybrown fans can imagine themselves in a field of Sakura blossoms or even on the vibrant colored streets of Tokyo when they enjoy their meal with the unique Teriyaki-Wasabi sauce. Wait no more, visit your nearest Marrybrown outlets to partake in this "Around The World" experience. 

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