Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Get Egg-stra Ong This Chinese New Year with Marrybrown

Usher in a prosperous Lunar New Year with Marrybrown's Egg-stra Ong menu as the Egg-stra series is making a comeback with "Lagi Power" this Chinese New Year. In line with their goal, Marrybrown as the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain is constantly delivering "something different" to their memang best fans. The Egg-stra Ong series receives an extra boost where the burger buns are sprinkled with extra Chili Flakes and extra Salted Egg sauce; there is also an option to add on extra Salted Egg sauce to the meals for more cream, savory deliciousness. Marrybrown's Egg-stra Ong menu is available nationwide starting 18 January 2022. 

Egg-stra Ong Big Box (price from RM25.80)

Egg-stra Ong Family Meal (price from RM80)

Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger (price from RM8.90)

Celebrate an egg-stra propserous Chinese New Year with the Egg-stra Ong Chicken and Egg-stra Ong Chicken Burger coated with a delicious and generous serving of Salted Egg sauce. The Salted Egg sauce was introduced to fans in 2020 and is now making a come back due to popularity. The salty, sweet, creamy-rich with a gentle chili heat Salted Egg sauce is insanely addictive and would go well with anything... but even better served with Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken and Chicken Burger. The Egg-stra Ong Big Box would satisfy all Marrybrown fans with the special offering this season. As for those who wish to indulge in both Egg-stra Ong Burger and Chicken with their family and friends, the Egg-stra Ong family meal is especially suitable for festive get-together. 

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