Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Passion Restaurant @ Argyll Road, Georgetown, Penang.

The space previously occupied by Arte at Argyll Road is now taken over by the management team from Club J Restaurant, an expansion plan from their existing business. The place retains its sophisticated charm with beautiful art creations still around but Passion (the name for this place) seeks to offer something different than its sister restaurant Club J. Diners can now enjoy their meals at a place with completely different ambiance. Group diners (of 10 pax and above) may make advance booking for the private space on 1st floor to enjoy better privacy and complimentary usage of karaoke system (with visuals). The change to the menu is minimal, with a few dishes exclusively to Passion; the wine list however, remains unchanged. There are set menus available, which offer better values in return; diners may opt for ala-carte with better flexibility. Excellent consistency in food quality, full of surprise-menu, attentive service are some of the great reasons why you should put this place on your radar. 

Many Thanks to Passion Restaurant for hosting us.

[Main] Japan Wagyu A5 Sirloin (Market Price/ Requires Booking)

[Main] New Duo Prawns- Thai Style and Cheese Baked (Rm 140 ala-carte/ Rm 225 set dinner)

[Side] Homemade Mashed Potato served over Black Olive Mayo

[Amuse Bouche] Salmon Croquette

[Appetizer] Smoked Salmon Salad

[Appetizer] Mushroom and Duck Salad

[Soup] Chicken Soup with Chicken Ricotta Cheese Ravioli and Bacon

[Pre-Main] Pan Seared Hokkaido Sashimi Grade Scallop

[Pre-Main] Foie Gras on Fruit Compote (Rm 58 ala-carte/ top up Rm 15 for set dinner)

[Dessert] Tiramisu 

With prices from Rm 145, Passion's set dinner features 5-course menu... from starter to soup, pre-main, main and dessert. Diners may opt to top up a little to go for more premium options. Each 5-course set dinner shall start with a serving of Amuse Bouche and may vary each time. The Salmon Croquette (an Amuse Bouche of Passion) is deep fried in sphere shape with chunks of Salmon and served with Honey Mustard for the touch of sweetness as well as Japanese Seaweed for the crunch. For appetizers, there are 2 variants available- Smoked Salmon Salad and Mushroom and Duck Salad; both are dressed in the same sour-sweet citrus dressing but the former choice offers a smokier touch while the latter one has an earthy flavor with meaty texture.  

Continuing the feast is a serving of their home made Soup- Chicken Soup with Chicken Ricotta Cheese Ravioli and Bacon, served with a piece of warm, crusty Ciabatta. The Chicken Soup is creamy but not overly so, just thick and rich enough to cling onto the Ravioli. Moving on to the Pre-Main, the Pan Seared Hokkaido Sashimi Grade Scallop is one of the default options available with no additional top up. It has a couple of carefully seared Hokkaido Scallops served with Konjac Noodles with Thai Sauce. The combination may seem awkward at first but start with the luscious Hokkaido Scallops and end with the crunchy, bouncy Konjac Noodles with spicy-acidic sauce would set your appetite for the main. To add a little luxurious touch to your set dinner, go for the Foie Gras on Fruit Compote... generous portion of Foie Gras served with Fruit Compote, a classic interpretation of Foie Gras works with fruity, refreshing elements to cut through the creamy fats. 

Moving on to the mains- Japan Wagyu A5 Sirloin and New Duo Prawns- Thai Style and Cheese Baked are some of the highlights. The Japan Wagyu A5 Sirloin is seasonal and subject to availability. The well marbled Sirloin is carefully seared on the outer layer, locking the juices within. Minimal seasoning is required and a touch of salt is more than sufficient. With the pockets of fats in the Sirloin, the texture is soft, juicy and basically just melts in the mouth in a jiffy. For Prawn lovers, the New Duo Prawns is a must-try. Presenting the gigantic Prawns in 2 ways- one is to be grilled, served with Thai sauce; and another to be baked with cheese. Both are equally delicious in its own ways- how could fresh, succulent gigantic Prawns could possibly go wrong? All mains are to be served with a side of home made mashed Potatoes. The set dinner is concluded with a serving of dessert, either Tiramisu or Creme Brulee. The Tiramisu is served with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: No
Address: 25, Argyll Road, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 6017- 257 0173

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