Friday, November 16, 2018

Club J Restaurant @ Leandros Lane, Georgetown, Penang.

Leandros Lane's (Pulau Tikus) Bella Marina has been given a second restaurant chance; the new comer... a French-inspired Asian casual dining "Club J Restaurant" is now on site. Helmed by Chef Sean, a young and talented Chef whom had working experiences with various established restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore; the restaurant offers a diversified range of choices with prix fixe menu (meatless options available). Set in a bungalow off Kelawei Road, the place is easily accessible either from Kelawei Road or Burmah Road; on the outside, visitors may park their cars at the entrance while inside, it's a simple, modern but cozy dining space without being ostentatious (private dining rooms available). Both lunch and dinner menus available but note-worthy is the "Book The Chef" menu... an array of specially crafted dishes that would require advance booking of 48 hours. It is also possible for you to customize your own dish, do check with the Chef.

Many Thanks to Club J Restaurant for hosting us that evening.

[Amuse Bouche] Salmon Croquette

[Set Dinner- RM 115 for 5 course] Serrano Ham Salad (Rm 20/ ala-carte)

Mushroom and Duck Salad (Rm 20/ ala-carte)

The Chef started the evening with Salmon Croquette... crisp ball with creamy inner filling, served with crunchy Japanese Seaweed with a citrus zing. The Salad was not monotonous either, the Set Dinner provides diners with Serrano Ham... Spanish Ham that is known for its quality of fats versus meat ratio as well as its bold smokiness. The juggle between crunchy greens and other elements was well-thought through either. Comparing to the Serrano Ham version, we personally prefer the Mushroom and Duck Salad.... for an earthier and meatier texture. The classic combination of Orange and Duck needs no further explanation.

[Set Dinner] Trio Mushroom Soup (Rm 18/ ala-carte)

Tomato Soup (Rm 18/ ala-carte)

[Complimentary] Croissant

[Set Dinner] Mini Chicken Roulade (Rm 40/ ala-carte)

The Set Dinner includes creamy Trio Mushroom Soup... with thick, rich earthy flavors but if you are into a refreshing Tomato Soup, Club J's rendition is a must-have. The Chef cleverly added in Lime... with a more dimensional acidic touch. Entering the pre-main, the Chef prepared Mini Chicken Roulade- sous-vided Chicken served with a Tomato-based sauce. The concoction felt refreshing with a hint of Lemongrass; even better with the addition of Chorizo... for the bouncy bite and smokiness.

[Book The Chef Menu] Foie Gras Fruit Compote (Rm 58)

[Set Dinner] Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon (Rm 46/ ala-carte)

[Set Dinner] 150 grams Australian Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin (additional Rm 20 for Set Dinner/ Rm 78 for ala-carte)

We were fortunate to try one of their items on "Book The Chef" menu. The Foie Gras Fruit Compote was delicious... beautifully seared Foie Gras served on a bed of mixed fruits (Dragon fruit, Apples, Grapes and Strawberries), Spinach, deep fried leek and Truffle Mayo. Like most Foie Gras dish, the compote was acidic in nature and would cut through the greasiness of the fatty liver. Beautiful combination and lovely flavors. On the mains, we had both Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon and  Australian Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin; the former one was safe choice with pretty simple and straight-forward flavors, the latter option on the other hand, was beyond amazing. It probably outshined the Salmon, the Tenderloin was melt-in-the-mouth tender. The red meat was carefully cooked to the right doneness with spot-on seasoning and a burst of delightful meat juice. This is definitely one of the best Beef around.

[Set Dinner] Tiramisu (Rm 19/ ala-carte)

[Set Dinner] Creme Brulee (Rm 16/ ala-carte)

Ending the evening with Chef's dessert of the day- Tiramisu and Creme Brulee... both on rotation basis. The Tiramisu was well-sweetened with bold Coffee flavor, the Creme Brulee paled when in comparison. Albeit creamy, we thought the milky flavor did not stand out.... or was it because the fact that the overwhelmingly delicious Beef flavor was still lingering on our palate?

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 604- 226 9933

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