Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flight Club @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Sepang, Selangor.

A false impression by many... that getting a good, affordable and healthy meal is nearly impossible. If you are concerned of the potentially dissatisfying plane food, it is always wise to have a quick fix before jetting off but with so many options choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. If the stomach is rumbling, get yourself a healthy fix at Flight Club without worrying the fat factor. Strategically located at the Mezzanine Floor of the Satellite Terminal (of International Departure), Flight Club is one of the dining labels under Plaza Premium Group and offers a selection of healthy cuisines to air travelers. "Herbs & Seeds" is the concept heavily promoted in Flight Club, all dishes are supplemented with a selection of herbs and seeds for better health benefits. Budget watchers would be glad to know that dining in Flight Club would not break the bank, a satisfying breakfast starts from Rm 16 nett or a glass of cold pressed Fruit Juice (from Rm 16 nett) would give you an opportunity to dine-in the restaurant with spectacular airport view and unlimited usage of high speed WiFi. The restaurant is not exclusive and opens to all public. 

Many Thanks to Plaza Premium Group for hosting us.

Hydroponic Baby Cos Caesar's Style (Rm 16)

6'C Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato Soup with Lime Sorbet (Rm 12)

A healthy start goes to their Caesar Salad, a chuck load of crunchy greens with a handful of Cherry Tomatoes dressed in a creamy but citrusy dressing and served with Grilled Chicken. The dressing was fun, it possessed the conventional Caesar creaminess with an indelible citrus-acidic. The concoction feels light and easy on the palate. The perfectly charred Chicken makes a great addition, for a meatier and more satisfying bite. Their Tomato Soup on the other hand, was an unpredictable offering. The tangy chilled Tomato Soup was served together with a dollop of Lime Sorbet, it almost felt like eating a dessert. The Tomato Soup was acidic but the Lime Sorbet provided another layer of citrusy-tang and sweetness to the soup. The fact that it was served cold and with the presence of Lime Sorbet, we had a mind bewilderment that we were having some dessert. It was utmost refreshing.

1824 Beef Cheek (Rm 48)

Angel Hair Aglio e Olio (Rm 28)

Englishman's Fish & Chips (Rm 28)

Dedicated to providing fresh and unprocessed food, Flight Club's dishes are all freshly made, meat lovers would be glad to know that Flight Club serves extraordinary Beef Cheek. The meltingly tender Beef Cheek carried a gelatin-like layer and with the sweet and savory sauce, the bite was multi-dimensional with deep flavors. If the beef-element is too strong for you, go for their Fish and Chips. Lightly battered and expertly deep fried till golden brown. The batter carries some Sesame Seeds and comes with a small bucket of Fries. The crisp golden outer layer enveloping delicate, flaky fish; the trick here is to dip the fish with their home-made Tartar sauce with slight tang flavor... which cuts through the greasiness by a little. If simplicity is what are you after, go for their Angel Hair Aglio e Olio- a simple, straight-forward and safe option to fill up the tummy space. 

Cempedak Ice Cream (Rm 10)

Beetroot Ice Cream with Cheese Cake (Rm 15)

To sweeten up your journey a little, try Flight Club's innovative sweet offering. For a touch of tropical, Cempedak Ice Cream might be a good choice, the strong characteristics of the exotic-sweet fruit were addictive and beautifully blended in. Perhaps with the addition of Beetroot, it assuages the guilt by a little. The cheesy element of the cake was not as strong as we would have hoped but the weight-watchers would be happy to know that. The vegetal flavor of the Beetroot Ice Cream makes a new though odd dimension with the Cheese Cake. A magical combination that is not uncommonly found elsewhere. 

"C-Booster" (Rm 16/ left) and "Go With The Flow" (Rm 16/ right)

Additional Information:
WiFi-Available/ Charging Stations
Flight Display
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: SATMZ 15, Level 2, Mezzanine Floor, Satellite Building, KLIA, 64000, KLIA Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Business Hours: 24 hours a day. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: +603- 8776 1538
Flight Club Facebook Page

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