Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tian Ding Xiang (天鼎香) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

As you may have aware that I've actually posted a review on Tian Ding Xiang few months back and coincidentally, I've just received an invitation to review this restaurant again. Tian Ding Xiang (天鼎香) is situated at sixth floor of Gurney Plaza, right beside Subway. It offers a wide variety of Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The menu has changed since then (revised with more choices added) but maintaining some their signature dishes. I did reflect my readers' comments to the management about their bad service few months back and was told that they have sorted out the problem and now they have sufficient manpower to handle the crowd. In a nutshell, we were impressed by the food quality and rated them above par, prices are reasonable but are subjected to a 10% service charge.

Aromatic Crispy Duck (香酥鸭,Half Bird, Rm 36) is one of Tian Ding Xiang's Signature dishes. The duck was first braised till tender and deep fried till golden brown. You will get a very special texture as shown on the photos above. To savor, simply take a piece of meat, Scallion, a slice of Cucumber and wrap it using some crepes given and have the specially made sauce added to further enhance the flavor. The duck, however, was good and flavorful enough to eat on its own. For reviews on their Peking Duck, please refer to my previous post which can be found here.

Stir Fried Hong Kong Kai-Lan with Yellow Cooking Wine (港式黄酒芥兰,Rm 11.80) was definitely my favorite dish among all dishes served. The Kai-Lan was perfectly cooked to my liking. What impressed me was the sauce, which made from Yellow Cooking Wine (黄酒). It has a very strong alcohol-like aroma, my friend finds it a bit over-powering but I just love it, the sauce inherited the sweetness from the Yellow Cooking Wine and balance up the bitterness of the Kai-Lan. I would rate this dish 10 out of 10. 

We also get to sample their Braised Signature Tai-Jing Lamb Ribs (泰式羊仔骨,Rm 16.80). Using the imported Lamb from Australia, the dish has Fu Chuk/ Dried Bean Curd Skin, Green Beans, as well as Mushrooms added. Despite the fact that the sauce was unique, where we were told that some Tom Yum paste has been added, I find the sauce was on the salty side if were to be eaten alone. However, it will be perfectly okay to savor with rice.

The last dish we had was Crystal Noodles Prawns Clay Pot (银丝明虾煲,Rm 26). I must say that this dish was somewhat unique and unlikely to be found elsewhere. We were told by Chef Tan that their secret recipe has something to do with Milk Sand/ 奶沙 which be made from Evaporated Milk/ 生奶, Dried Shrimps/ 虾米 etc... No doubt, it has enhance the uniqueness of the dish. Extra marks given to their spices used as well, nothing was over-powering and was at their right amount. Glass noodles can be found at the bottom of the Clay Pot too, however, customers are given the option to change to Man Tao/ Bun/ 馒头 too.

Special thanks to Chef Tan for preparing all these wonderful dishes and laying the invitation.

Additional Information:
Address: 170-06-09 & 10, 6th Floor, Plaza Gurney, Pesiaran Gurney 10250
Business Hour: 11am to 9:30pm. Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 226 3062

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