Friday, January 4, 2013

Squidto (黄金贼) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

With the recent Taiwanese Night Market foods became a trend in Penang, where all the Taiwanese snacks and dessert eateries are mushrooming these days. Squidto is one of the newly opened Taiwanese eateries in Gurney Plaza. Operated for less than two months, Squidto serves a unique type of Taiwanese snack- Succulent Deep Fried Giant Squid Stuffed with Seafood Baked Rice. The place has gained a lot of attention since then, we were amazed by their impressive amount of sales achieved within such a short period of time. Anyway, Squidto is a franchised eatery which originated from Taiwan, they are extremely careful in choosing their squids where they will be using Argentina squids, which come in a bigger size. The squids will then be stuffed with their own recipe of Spanish Seafood Baked Rice and deep fried till golden brown. It should be very easy to locate this humble little kiosk at Gurney Plaza, you can find Squidto right beside to Scallop Q and directly opposite to Purple Cane Tea Art Center at the basement of Gurney Plaza. Price-wise, I'd say its reasonable and economical as the rice will be filling enough to make it a usual meal instead of savoring it as a snack for one person. 

The juicy and succulent Squids are made available in four flavors (serving sauce, each squid is priced at Rm 8.90), one may also opt for their drinks, one Squid with a cup of drink, Rm 10.80 or to have the drinks bought separately at Rm 2.90 each. There are only two flavors available for the drinks namely Ice Honey Green Tea and Ice Winter Melon Tea.

As mentioned, the Squids will be stuffed with Spanish Seafood Baked Rice. I find the Seafood Baked Rice to be delectable and delicious enough to my liking, we were also told that Squidto will be using Risotto in the cooking of the Baked Rice. Hence, you can expect a semi-cooked texture of rice which makes it unique to me. The rice is flavorful enough as it consists Anchovies, Dried Shrimps, Corns, Kani/ Crab Sticks etc... It is good to savor alone. As for the squid, customers are given the option to choose among four types of sauce, namely French Honey Mustard Sauce (法式蜂蜜芥末酱), Japanese Sesame Sauce (日式和风芝麻沙拉酱), Thai Hot & Sour Sauce (泰式酸辣酱), Italian Basil Green Sauce (意式罗勒青酱). Special sauces/flavors will be made available for a limited time such as the present Cheesy Sauce.  Pictures shown are for photography purposes, where customers are allowed to choose ONE flavor per squid only. We did not get to sample the Cheesy sauce but out of the four choices, I'd go for their French Honey Mustard Sauce (best seller) and their Italian Basil Green Sauce as I find them unique enough and complemented the squids well to my liking. I'd recommend my readers to savor the squids hot and crispy, takeaways are not recommended as it tends to affect the texture/ crispiness.

Additional Information:
Address: 170-B1-K5, Plaza Gurney, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang. (beside Scallop Q and directly opposite to Purple Cane Tea Art Centre at Basement of Gurney Plaza)
Business Hour: 10am to 10pm. Daily.
Contact Number: 017- 400 3618

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