Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bread History @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

I am sure most Penangites are familiar or at least heard of the name- "Bread History". As the name suggested, Bread History sells bread in the earlier stage of their business but it has now shifted and expanded where they will be offering some main course as well. You may find Bread History at Gurney Plaza too. I have always been a fan of their Bamboo Charcoal Bread but have yet to try their mains and coincidentally I was invited to sample some of the dishes in Bread History, Queensbay Mall. Despite the fact that I am writing based on my experience at Queensbay Mall but we were told by the management that customers can feel free to visit any of their outlets as the quality control is very strict in Bread History and they can assure you that their quality is of certain standards. Service was attentive during my visit, price-wise, could be fair enough for certain dishes but some are on the higher side. However, they do have a very good ambiance where you may find it a decent place to chill out with friends or family.

Club Sandwich (Rm 12.50) was the first dish being served to us. It has some Chicken Ham, Beef Bacon, Eggs, Sliced Cheese being sandwich with some Toasted Bread, with some Fries and Fresh Salad as sides. Taste-wise, I have no complaints but a very strong buttery flavor (Garlic Butter was used) can be tasted where some might find it a bit too strong for them. As for the texture, I'd say the sandwich was a bit dry and would be much better if they could spread some Mayonnaise just to give the "moist-bite".

We had Maui Pizza (Rm 13.90 for 7 inches) which comes with some Pineapple, Cheese, Chicken and Mushrooms. Tasted normal to me, nothing much to shout over but I like the fact that they have added quite an amount of Italian Herbs all over the pizza, giving it a strong aroma apart of the cheese. 

Aglio Olio (Rm 11.90) was definitely my favorite of the day. The portion serves me well enough and in fact, I find it worth the value given that this dish costs Rm 11.90+ only. Customers are given two choices of pasta to select from, which are Fettuccine and Spaghetti. The pasta will then be tossed with Seafood (Shrimps, Squids, Kani/ Crab Sticks), Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chopped Dried Chilies. Extra marks for the hint of spiciness infused within the Spaghetti and the al-dente texture. Most importantly, this dish was not oily at all! I do adore their generous amount of Capsicum added too. Unfortunately, I could not taste any Garlic and was later told that this dish has no Garlic added (decision of the top management of Bread History). I find it a bit weird since it has no Garlic, it should not be named as Aglio Olio (resembles Garlic AND Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Nevertheless, it was still a very good dish and I am looking forward to my next visit for this dish. 

I was rather disappointed with this dish Chicken Maryland (Rm 19.90) as it was too dry and oily to my liking. No sauce was given to us to complement the Fried Chicken and was told that they could only serve us some Mayonnaise. Fortunate enough, the Tandoori flavored Chicken Sausage rescued some marks. Yes, you got it right, TANDOORI Chicken Sausage which I have never tasted before. It has the aroma of Turmeric and possessed a rather springy texture. 

I was expecting the cheese to ooze out when I moved my knife over the Chicken Golden Bleur (Rm 19.90) but it does not. The amount of cheese was not on par with the usual Gordon Bleu I had. I like the sauce personally and thought that the sauce was great, it was a mixture of Barbecue sauce and the Bolognese sauce which was a bit smoky and sweet. My friend, however, commented that the sauce was too sweet to his liking. Chicken-wise, was decent and I have no complaints on that.

We also get to sample their Traditional Italian Beef Lasagne (Rm 13.90). The surface was beautifully browned and tasted okay for me. Nothing worth of hype over but there could be a need of improvement for the amount of cheese used. It would be better if they could add in more cheese in my opinion.

A big thank you to Chef Susan for preparing all these wonderful dishes.

Additional Information:
Address: LG 73A (for bakery), LG 81 (for cafe), Lower Ground Floor Queensbay Mall, Bayan Baru Penang. (Next to Famous Amos and Kenny Rogers Roasters)
Business Hour: 10:30am to 10:30pm (for bakery); 11am to 9:45pm (for cafe).
Contact Number: 604- 646 8070
*Service Charge of 10% applies to all dishes offer in cafe*

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