Monday, August 22, 2011

Opening Ceremony of 3S Care Center (CSL) @ Megamall Prai Penang

Today marked a new milestone for CSL group, for those who are not familiar with CSL, its actually a company which engage in mobile phones and mobile devices. Their products can be easily found in most of the mobile phone outlets even hypermarkets like Tesco & Giant etc. 3"S" for the care center defines their motto and vision of their company- After Sales Service, Technical Support, and Mobility Solutions. In a 3S Care Center, you can request for upgrade of software, after sales service repair and maintenance of CSL phones. In conjunction with their launching of their 1st 3S Care Center in North Malaysia (2nd in Malaysia, with first in Low Yat Plaza), fellow bloggers have been invited to witness the historical moment. It was my honor to be invited to this event.

During the event, phones were also being displayed out for the public to test-play. Some models can even be bought with special price.

Among the attractive models, this Mi 350 was their main promotional item of the day. Few units were given to us for test-play. Mi 350 focuses on CSL group's new concept - Switch, which to provide their customers with affordable hardware and tools to access Internet because Internet is a basic human rights. They wish to Switch from unaffordable to affordable. The features for Mi 350 are as follow:

Size:  114.8mm (H) X 62.8mm (W) X 14.7mm (T)
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7227-1 with DSDS BSP
Network/Data: GSM Quad brands
Platform: Android 2.2
Display: 3.5” Capacitive HVGA (480X320) 262K
Camera: 5MP, auto focus
Internal Memory: 512MB ROM/ 512MB RAM
Memory Card: Micro SD Card Slot
WLAN & Bluetooth: Wifi and Bluetooth
Battery: Li-ion 1500 mAH
Price: Rm 699

On that day itself, 25 limited units of Mi 350 were on sale with the price of just Rm499, long queue was spotted. The public was crazy about the price offered ! We (bloggers) were given a chance to play with the phone too, the touch screen was quite sensitive and the phone was very light in weight too. The only drawback was the camera (only 5MP) but with just Rm699, what else can you ask for ? Moreover, its being supported by Android, where you can play with all the games available for Android users. Recommended to those who wish to have a touchscreen/smart phone but with limited budget.

The opening ceremony and the long queue of people who wish to get their CSL mobile phones and tablet PC at promotional price. A long speech was also given by Mr. Edwin Gan which I can sum up in 2 short paragraphs =)

2 charming ladies posting together with the CSL mobile phones. I also learnt something called "dessert" from some of the pros that day. Shall practice and use it some day in the future.

A clown was also spotted whom trying to entertain an aunty with some of his tricks. Pretty entertaining and creative, the aunty seemed to be happy and surprised too.

Another clown was spotted at the counter as I was trying to take a photo at the counter, she stood up all in a sudden just to give me a 'proud posture' of hers. She entertained me well for that moment tho =)

Move on to the CSL Swarovski series. It has 4 models in total. From the left, EmmaDS900, Sophie G16, SHE 9300 and Princess 9200 on the right.

Specifications: (Emma DS9200)
•GSM 900/1800 Mhz
•Display: 2.2” TFT QVGA
•Size: 114*48*12 mm
•Weight: 82g
•Stand by: Up to 248 hours
•Talk Time: Up to 496 minutes
•Colour: White
Price: Rm 299

Specifications: (Princess 9200)
•GSM 900/1800 Mhz
•Display: 2.4” TFT QVGA
•Size: 115*59.5*11.5 mm
•Weight: 94g
•Stand by: Up to 1888 hours
•Talk Time: Up to 454 minutes
•Colour: White
Price: Rm 299

Specifications: (Sophie G16)
•GSM 900/1800 Mhz
•Display: 2.8” TFT QVGA
•Size: 102*55.5*13 mm
•Weight: 97g
•Stand by: Up to 145 hours
•Talk Time: Up to 421 minutes
•Colour: White
Price: Rm 399

Specifications: (SHE 9300)
•GSM 900/1800 Mhz
•Display: 2.4” TFT QVGA
•Size: 70*70*16.3 mm
•Weight: 110g
•Stand by: Up to 264 hours
•Talk Time: Up to 353 minutes
•Colour: White
Price: Rm 399

**Prices are to be subjected to the brochure given to me by this time, the prices might be changed from time to time. **

We were then taken to a restaurant nearby for some light refreshments, the name is Life 1 Cafe. Situated near the main entrance of Megamall Prai.

Boxing chicken (Rm 6.80), it was too dry for me, the texture was quite rough too. 

Some fried fillet (Rm 15.80), this dish was okay, but the taste has not much different from those frozen fish fillet and mayonnaise was not even provided.

Fried Chicken Nuggets (Rm 4.80 for 6), nothing much interesting.....frozen food.

Some chicken chop (price unknown), the chicken was rather salty but the overall texture was still acceptable. I find it weird that all the above dishes were quite salty. 

Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken (Rm 11.80) This was actually the best dish out of those dishes out there. The portion was quite okay and standard, taste was normal and usual too. Not as salty as compared to all the above. 

The fruit juice - orange, dragon fruit and apple (Rm 4.30) were to sweet for me. I am pretty sure that sugar has been added to them.

Anyway, the main focus for this post was not meant for food. Also, a big thank you to this big guy for briefing us on the phone; Famous flogger Criz Lai for organizing and inviting me; and Sam Ong for fetching me. :P

A video that I am sharing to my readers about the event on that day itself.