Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Wine & Dine" Buffet in E&O Hotel

The wine and dine buffet in E&O hotel is rather grand and exclusive, they offer a wide variety of food, from local cuisine to western and Japanese cuisine. As the title says, the beer and wine offered are free flow, u can drink as much as u wan, of coz, they are not limited to alcoholic drinks only, they do offer coffee and some other drinks such as fruit punch. This will be a rather long post, so less wordings and let the pictures entertain u !!!
Sarkies corner is the restaurant's name for offering the weekend wine and dine buffet.

A long corridor will be spotted once u entered the restaurant and the food will be displayed along the corridor. Chefs will be grilling and busy preparing the food for u, it kinda triggers my appetite. :PSalad bar. I like their unique way of displaying the salad. They fill the vegetables and the dressing and some other stuff that goes together with the salad together, it sorta like makes it more appealing, yet, they still offer more than the usual dressings down there just to provide their customers with more choices.Raw salmon roll topped with some mayonnaise and caviar. Taste was just okay coz the salmon slices were abit tasteless, or maybe im just get used to the wasabi+soya sauce version of eating raw salmon.

Beans topped with scallop, together with thousand island dressing, was a decent 1, but the scallop makes no difference here.
The seafood bar, displayed more than 6 types of seafood out there, raw oysters, scallops, crayfish, salmon and tuna sashimi and lots of lots of prawns, and they come in huge size.
The sushi bar. As u can see, they offer quite an amount of sushi rolls out there, i din tried any of them coz i think rice makes u full easily and its inappropriate to be taken in buffet.
Medium rare tuna, as u can see, the meat of the fish is still raw in the middle bt its cooked on the outer layer, it creates a special texture that is hard outside bt is soft inside, was rather abit tasteless, u will need the help of soya sauce. The grill section where they have alot of nice stuff over there XD, lamb chops, German sausages(halal, not pork), satays, grill salmons, squid rings, prawns, mushrooms, codfishes etc.
A mountain full of crabs are up for grabs in the grill pan. =D
The sauce that goes with all those seafood, din really tried out tho but it looks tempting.
Roasted duck, lamb, chicken and beef. The texture for all the above was kinda tender. The best thing is u can actually try every single kinda meat out there at once. There were few kinds of sauce provided depends on ur personal preference.
This is the pasta corner, they offer 3 types of pasta with 2 types of sauce, being the white sauce (creamy cheese) and the red sauce (tomatoes). The chef was pretty nice to us, u can even ask for any ingredients u would like. Had the white sauce pasta (spaghetti), was awesome. The best white sauce pasta i ever had. Highly recommended.
Dessert corner. Had lots of lots of fancy desserts out there, puddings, chocolates, cakes, cookies whatever u called. 1 thing good was the dessert werent that sweet after all, so u can try more coz u wont feel that full eventually.
U will notice a chocolate fountain beside those fruits, u can actually dip any of ur preferred fruits into the fountain, interesting eh. A table full of beers, red wines and white wines will be seen near the reception counter, they are free-flow, u can drink as much as u can....
Its rm120++ per pax, reservations are strongly recommended since the place will be loaded with ppl over the weekends, esp Saturdays. I wonder since when penangites are that rich (except me duh) :/ Anyway, if u are using HSBC's credit card, u will be entitled of discounts up to 15%, unfortunately we are not. Service and the food were awesome, will definitely come back again if i have the chance.

Taste: 9.5/10
Price: 5/10
Parking: 6/10
Services: Very Good
Government Tax: Yes
Service Charge: Yes

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