Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sarangchae Korean Cuisine @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

In conjunction with my bday, my frens celebrated my 21st birthday with me in this korean restaurant just exactly opposite to Penang Chinese Girl School -- Sarangchae. I was greeted by the lady boss over there and surprisingly she knew it was my bday. My frens told her while they made the reservation, she gave us a warm smile. Asked for recommendations and tried on few of the famous dishes:
This was their seafood stew. The stew was pretty amazing, the soup was very sweet and tasty, altho it looks spicy bt it wasnt that spicy afterall. Tonnes of seafood were added to the stew, i think thats the reason why the soup could be so sweet and tasty. It comes in a set, which includes alot of side dishes such as kim chi, bean sprouts, weird beans, sanma fish, steamed egg, fruits and etc. Min order of 2 person is required and it costs each person rm50 which also means that u need to pay at least rm100 in order to try this set on. It was pretty worth as the set comes in a very wide variety and the side dishes are refillable. U will be served with a bowl of rice too.
Steamed egg served in a hot pot, its included in the set, the texture of the egg was pretty rough, bt i think the egg was beaten till fluffy and have had mixed with some soup, as u can taste the sweetness within the egg, some chicken/pork stock i supposed ?

Grilled sanma fish, they were included in the set. The taste was decent, kinda similar with the japanese style of cooking sanma as the sauce brings abit sweetness.
Spicy stir fried tteok (korean rice cake), it wasnt that spicy the way it looks like, the sauce was more to sweet rather than spicy, they threw in tonnes of cabbage (korean likes cabbage, don they ?) and carrots, the natural sweetness of the vegetables just fused into the sauce and surprisingly, there was an egg in there, donno wat its for bt nvm, still very good afterall. The texture of the tteok was superb, its quite chewy bt it doesnt have any taste in it, u must use something very strong to cook it, in this case, the spicy sauce. Highly recommended if u havent tried tteok before ^^. Korean Kim Chi pancake (rm25), was decent 1, ntg much special, cant really taste the kim chi out but it was okay.
Japchae (rm25), korean glass noodles, this was WOW, it was 1 of my favourites of the night, the glass noodles were just awesome, the texture was so chewy and they fried the whole thing until perfect. The taste was perfect too, it brings abit sweet but not that much, the style was rather close to the japanese, highly recommended again ^^.
Sizzling spicy octopus (rm30), the lady boss was very kind to give us this dish for FREE coz its my birthday, lol, the octopus was rather chewy, might be overcooked due to the sizzling hot pan, the sauce was more or less like the tteok's, quite sweet, but its good overall. The food was satisfying overall, but its abit pricey since we rarely find cheap korean food here eh.

Taste: 9.5/10
Price: 7/10
Parking: 6/10
Services: Very Good
Government Tax: Yes
Service Charge: Yes

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