Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tao japanese buffet @ Egate Penang

Everyone is aware of this restaurant situated at E-gate penang, the reputation has been okay so far, but according to my previous visit, which was 1-2 years ago, it was just okay, decided to pay a visit before chinese new year........when reaching upon the restaurant, a long queue of customers will be spotted waiting for free tables, but i've made reservation few days ahead....the price is around rm58 per person....

A japanese buffet meal never being completed without a sashimi plate, these were wat the restaurant offers, a combination of salmon, squid, tuna and some kinda of unknown fish, lol....they were pretty fresh, at least they don have the pungent kinda smell that usually fish have Some fake abalone slices topped with salad sauce, ntg much worth of mentioning, wat u can taste is a guey thing topped with salad sauce.............
Some kinda spicy cheese baked scallop, a very strong kinda cheesy smell, was pretty fresh and it wasnt that spicy,lol
Baked salmon with teriyaki sauce, the fish was perfectly grilled and topped with the sauce, the sauce brings abit sweetness to the fish, its actually a pretty good combination.

Cheese baked oysters, the texture was pretty soft and creamy inside the oyster meat, the amount of cheese is just nice, and most importantly, the oysters werent overcooked. I din really tried this out coz its too fattening for me, lol.
Deep fried mantis prawn, it was a rather disappointing dish, trying on this was a plain wasting of time, the prawns have no taste at all, it feels like chewing deep fried flour, and all the above just scattered there, nt sincere at all in food presentation.
My all time favourite besides sashimi, sushi !!! they are the best, simple is the best, no ? A rice ball topped with a fresh slice of fish is just perfect, a very good combination whether in terms of taste or texture, a simple dip of the mixture of wasabi and soya sauce will be perfect too.

The japanese way of grilling chicken wings, erm, its abit sweet, but the chicken was grilled to perfect, the outer layer of the meat was actually abit crunchy, the sprinkling of sesame seeds was just brilliant, it adds a new flavour to the chicken and has successfully conquered my stomach.
Some fried ebi roll ordered by my fren, it was 2 different textures, the upper part was topped with sashimi(soft and tender), while the inside, was stuffed with fried shrimp(crispy and crunchy) and surprisingly, they work perfectly together, works best together with the sauce (some sweet soya sauce)given. This restaurant has an unique way to serve its food which is by ordering 1 by 1, this is pretty uncommon for restaurants that serve buffet, which normally they will display them out and let u pick them by urself. Advance reservation is highly recommended as this place is always packed with ppl especially during weekends. More information can be obtained at
As for my readers, i wish you all a happy and prosperous chinese new year, GONG XI FA CHAI !!!!!

Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Parking: 8/10
Services: Very Good
Government Tax: Yes
Service Charge: Yes

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