Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Master Choo Dim Sum @ 1st Avenue Mall

With the newly opened 1st Avenue mall in georgetown penang, alot of new restaurants were opened too in the mall itself, decided to give this restaurant a try, so as title says, this restaurant serves authentic hong kong dim sum, aside of those fancy dim sum, they are serving some noodles, rice set as well. (my camera wasnt with me during that time, so i just used my handphone instead XD)

Hong Kong Custard Egg Tart(rm1.80 each), this was a really really good 1, the fillings inside were pretty impressive, the outer layer was so crunchy and fluffy, the texture of both mixed well together, it wasnt that sweet as compared to some, which i think it suits the preferences of many ppl out there.
Char Siew tart(pork marinated in special sauce-char siew), the pastry was browned to perfect, a sugar glazed was on top of the tart, however, the meat inside was so tender and juicy, was decent overall.
Fish congee , the texture was too gluey hence, its wasnt that smooth and the fish slices used werent that fresh according to my dad, so i think it was just an okay dish.
Seafood Dumplings in soup (rm7.50), the dumplings come in superb sizes, the texture was well maintained even with the gigantic size, it comes with a special hong kong sauce, we called it the X.O. sauce which has abit dried shrimps inside, was a pretty good combination. Just nice to satisfy me.
Fishballs in huge size (rm4.30 for a plate), was pretty crunchy and chewy, the taste of the fish was well maintained yet it doesnt loses the freshness of the vegetables used.
The restaurant was pretty packed and crowded due to limited spaces offered, its situated on lvl 3 in 1st avenue penang, a long queue will be spotted during weekends in front of the restaurant itself. The service was pretty good, especially the boss, he serves his customers himself, however, the drinks are abit pricey where they will cost u a boom. We just ordered plain water to save up. (hint: rm5.30 for herbal tea ?!)

Taste: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Parking: 8/10
Services: Good
Government Tax: Yes
Service Charge: Yes

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