Friday, May 14, 2010

Hainanese Delights @ 1926 Heritage Hotel, Burmah Road, Penang

There is a very famous hainanese restaurant in 1926 heritage hotel, heard of it many time and finally, i have the chance to visit this restaurant myself today, the renovation in the restaurant was pretty cosy, anyway, din manage to order much today, here are our orders :

This is one of the signature dish--hainanese spring roll (rm 12), the outer layer of the spring roll was fried till crispy and the stuffing's were awesome too, it works well with the sourish sauce, highly recommended ^^

This is a dish recommended my mom, its their chicken pie (rm 12), it comes with a rather crispy pastry but creamy fillings inside, the pastry is best served with the creamy fillings, together, they'll create a unique texture and taste, i love this =D

Inchee Kay Bin (fried chicken--rm15), again, 1 of my favourites, the chicken was nearly perfect, i couldnt ask more

This is their fried hor fun (rm7.90), tastes decent, but its just not my type, i don really favours oily food

The boss is kind enough for giving these to us for FREE, it should be rm1.50 per piece if im not mistaken, its very aromatic and its SPICY , lovely

Sorry for the poor quality, this is their hainan coffee (rm8), my mom and my aunt ordered this, and they think its superb, i have no idea coz i don drink coffee XD

Hainanese delights is located inside 1926 heritage hotel, 5% govt tax will be added to ur bill
Address : 1926, Heritage Hotel, 228, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang.

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