Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ah Chek BBQ steambot restaurant @ Relau/Bukit Jambul

***Pls take note that this restaurant has since closed down.***
This newly opened restaurant is located near lakeside tower, 3mins away from inti college, we decided to try it on as we passed by and we saw that the restaurant was loaded with people, basically its buffet style steambot restaurant again, i think this has became a trend in penang, where u can select the ingredients u wan and cook it urself, but the interesting part is all u can eat, and here are some photos i shot from the restaurant :

They are providing their customers with a wide range of selection, this is their fried rice, its superb, damn aromatic, i ate 1 big bowl =D

Fried rice noodle, din get to try this as we were busy with our steambot itself XD

The ingredients.....i think i left out the fishballs and the seafood counter, T.T , oh ya, they have pork but not beef @.@

Our table =D , i wonder who ate those butter, such an unhealthy meal and we dont eat vege XD

I think its better to get ur seats outside the restaurant as its pretty warm in the restaurant, for adults, its rm18.90 per pax and they have discounts for senior citizen which at rm10 per pax

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