Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xian Ding Wei@Queensbay Mall

Next to sakae sushi, level 2 in queensbay mall, penang, xian ding wei is operated under the same organization as canton-i and dragon-i. Decided to give it a try since they are selling taiwanese cuisine, here are some of our orders:

Beef Noodle (rm14.90) , taste was a bit weird compared to wat i had b4 and its a bit salty for me, otherwise, its pretty decent

This is pork intestine + some sort of noodle(mee sua,rm9.90), its idea how it tastes like ,ask my cousin sis, lol

Black Pepper beef set meal (rm23.90), the beef was pretty decent, damn tender and perfectly marinated, the side dishes and the soup were just so so, no taste at all....

Ice blended top with red beans (rm6.90), was damn nice, the red beans were damn soft and the ice cream was nice either, highly recommended ^^

The food was just ok and nothing special to me, yet, the price was damn expensive and i think they are abit over-priced, personal opinion though...

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