Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Located at queensbay mall ,lvl4 , outside GSC cinema ,the word 'T' in the restaurant's name defines as 'toilet' , yes , u heard me right , its toilet and i believe that penangite should be quite familiar with this basically everything in this restaurant is related to toilet(nt the food of coz) , i shall not tell too much and let the pics tell u =) :

And if u wish to dine in in this restaurant , u will be asked to sit on toilet bowls ,lol =D , to be honest , i don really like sitting on toilet bowls , they are not comfortable at all , at least compared to the one in my house =P

So these are the creative deco in the restaurant , bathtub and sinks around u when u are having ur meal......hmm............

Tom Yum seafood ramen (rm11.90) sitting on a toilet bowl XD , taste was pretty good actually , spiciness and sourness was ok and the portion was damn big , my classmate barely can finish hers off and they have 2 big prawns inside , and of coz , other seafood as well =)

This is their signature dish , chicken rice coated with cheese (rm13.90) , taste was pretty decent , esp the sauce , it works well with the whole dish

Grape floss sponge mellow (rm6.90) , nothing special , just blended ice coated with some grape syrup and topped with a scoop of ice cream(with some chic floss on top) , the syrup was a bit sweet and sourish , and i think the adding of chic floss to the ice cream is to add a special dimension to the texture , pretty interesting though

Dragon Fruit sponge (rm7.90) , this is pretty special though , its not ordinary ice , i think its made from milk or has some vanila extract in it or so , as it has a very strong milky taste and vanila flavour , the syrup was nothing but sweet , still good enough though , highly recommended =)
A shitty dish , isnt that cute or wat ? =)

There is no govt tax but there will be a 5% service charge added to ur bill , most of the serving portion in this restaurant was kinda big and the taste was pretty decent (at least to wat we had ordered) , try it out folks =)


  1. they should put chocolate for the ice cream!!

  2. Looks so tasty!

    Yet the concept of toilet seats is questionable.

    If the toilet seats are in the dining area, what about the actual toilets ? 0.0

  3. LOL ,its located outside the restaurant (in the shopping mall) ,a very good question indeed >.<