Friday, March 5, 2010

Nando's @ Queensbay mall, Penang

I think u can find Nando's in everywhere as its a franchise-restaurant if not mistaken , so in conjunction with my fren's Bday , we had a meal with him in this restaurant =) , tried on their famous chicken(a set meal that serves 4)and here are the pics :

I think they have a few tastes for their chicken , where u can order the extra-hot(lvl 4) or the lemon and herb marinated chicken(lvl1) , and we tried on the mild(lvl2) and hot(lvl3)...and it was that worse as wat i tot it will be....taste was pretty decent for a roasted chicken but not the price of coz X.X

Salad that comes together.....its just plain vege soaked in vinegar and olive oil......

A pretty common coleslaw....ntg much worth of mentioning

Fries that comes together as well , pretty decent , better than McD's i would say , in terms of fragrant-ness

Mediterranean rice that goes with the roasted chicken , i found this combination a bit weird as the rice is rather tasteless , moreover , i can get this combination everywhere with just rm3 or so (chicken rice from anywhere , lol)

I think this is wat they are selling/promoting.....their own chili sauce.....they comes with 4 tastes , garlic , tomato , hot chili , and extra hot chili.......was excited with the extra hot chili but kinda disappointing , its just too sour for me =(

A jug of ice lemon tea , it comes with the meal too but u need to add on for it and it costs us rm17....T.T

Its located at queensbay mall , lower ground and its just beside sushi king and opposite body glove outlet.......was quite expensive for chicken rice though

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