Saturday, February 6, 2010

Union Wan Ton Mee @ Burmah Road, Penang

Located beside Union primary school , this wan ton mee stall has been selling for years , i remembered when i was still a union boy , i used to visit this stall frequently together with parents after they fetched me here are some pictures about the stall :

This is actually another 1 of the best wan ton mee in town , the noodles are quite spongy but wat i wanna stress about is their sauce , its so unique and fragrant , and they even put some mushrooms on the noodle =)...........simple yet tasty

Another awesome thing about this stall is their wan ton , the fillings are fresh and sweet , and the soup is just amazing.....highly recommended ^^

So after some heavy or rather oily noodle/dumplings , a plate of green vegetables just refresh ur taste buds , and they did a great job in boiling these vegetables as we all know , vegetables are hard to boil (might be too soft or the colour of the vege might faded)as controlling the timing requires experience , and this plate of vege is still crispy and greenish =)

So its located beside union primary school in burmah road , and theres also a 'apom balik' stall beside this wan ton mee stall as well , u might heard of this stall b4 from our famous food hunting show on 8TV-ho u can still take away a couple of apom balik back once u finished the wan ton me if u are still not full enough =)

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