Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Tea House Dim Sum @ Farlim, Penang

Its been a long time since my last post on food , so i decided to make a few in these few days , lol , so this time its up to dim sum , this is 1 of my favourite dim sum outlet in penang , so far as i known , they have another branch near macalister road.....never visit b4 though , so this outlet is located in farlim , exactly opposite the old-sunshine farlim supermarket , u will easily locate it since it will be full with ppl during weekends (morning of coz) and the reason being so will be they had a wide variety of dim sum and their price are considerably are some of my orders :
Fried fish ball , very spongy texture and the size is just superb , chew down 10 plates of them and i assure u will be full or even feel like vomiting , lol , just kidding , this is 1 of my favourite though , consider is a must-try-food here

Similar to the above , but this is the steam version instead , its not bad overall , suitable for those ppl who are concerning about their diet , lol , i would personally prefer the fried version as it has a very special aroma in it after the frying process

Shrimp-dumpling , another best creation by them , the ingredients used by them were very fresh , u can taste it by tasting the shrimp meat inside

Fried shrimp wrapped in tofu skin.......a very and aromatic texture.....shrimps are fresh as usual but i found its a bit oily though , works well with some mayonnaise and mustard =)

Its another shrimp-related dim sum as well........or shall i make it this way , most of their shrimp-related dim sum are superb and delicious , definitely no doubt on this =D

Some sort of pork ribs , no idea on the taste as i don eat pork =)

Char Siew Bao , or honey roasted pork bun or something like that , again , no pork for me XD

EGG TARTS !!! 1 of my all time favourite and they did a good job here.....crispy outer layer and the custard flavour was rather heavy , custard FTW.....this was highly recommended to all of u ^^

Steamed chee cheong fun , some sort of steamed rice paste , it works well with their specially made soya sauce and some chili paste , however , the worker might not provide u with the sufficient soya sauce but sometimes they will......u might need to require for more if u need to , i guess their workers are rather moody arent they XD

Note that this place will be packed with ppl during weekends , if u wish to try the dim sum out , make sure u can wake urself up earlier on weekends =)


  1. wah the Siew Mai and Ha Gao looks very good wei. Tell me where, in case I go Penang!!

  2. lol , i wrote on there ad la , don think u will know also , u tell me can ad , i'll bring u there =D

  3. now they hv even wider ranges of dimsum, all sort of variety,, steam or fried types, best la taking breakfast there

  4. this blog post was quite long ago, LOL, and yea, i do visit this place constantly for the inexpensive and quality dim sum, thx for the info btw =)