Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noodle Station @ E-Gate Penang

Had lunch in this restaurant which located at E-gate (beside Tesco Penang,few doorstep away from Tao and Subway), no doubt , their specialty is noodles but my mom ordered a chicken chop set instead =.=" , so here are our orders :

Tom Yum seafood with noodles (rm7.50)......comes in a big portion and the soup was just superb , but still i would prefer a spicier taste and the noodles were nice too , kinda spongy =) and their services are good too , customers will be served with 4 kinds of chillies to go with the main dish=D

Chicken Chop in Black Pepper Sauce (rm10.90).....comes in a big portion as well , but the fries just let me down , its like a wilt-plant , lol , not crispy at all , the chicken chop is just so so and wat interesting is the fried egg , i have no idea how this works with chicken chop @.@

Teh Tarik Hazelnut (rm3.50).......din really taste the hazelnut but the teh tarik here is really smooth and aromatic =)

Some sort of soda drink called 'I Love Lemonade' (rm3.50).......basically its the combination of soda and lemonade , sourish and abit sweet but the portion is just horrible @.@

This restaurant offers wide selection of beverage and the environment is suitable for some chit-chat actions as well but do note that there will be 10% of service charge added to ur bill

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